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12 Gifts for Cool Dads

Me Ra Koh

Anyone else draw a blank when it comes to shopping for men, especially dads?  Would you love a go-to list of the 12 Gifts for Cool Dads?  Me too!  This year, I decided to get my list by doing something different.  Instead of trying to guess what they want, I reached out to the dads in my family and circle of friends and asked them what their favorite things are.  And let me tell you, these are cool dads who are a mix of business owners, adventurers, world travelers, sport lovers and photographers.  They like style, comfort and the obvious. They are the inspiration behind these 12 Gifts for Cool Dads!  In fact, they’re the ones who gave me all these awesome ideas!  Their ideas are things I wouldn’t have ever thought of!  Why didn’t I email them for ideas before?! LOL!

If you’ve got a cool dad in your life and you’re wondering what to get him, this wish list has you covered!

12 Gifts for Cool Dads

  1. Best All Purpose Pants Ever: Weekender Sweats by Outdoor Voices

12 Gifts for Cool Dads