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6 Essential Oils We Use Everyday

Me Ra Koh

Cultivating a creative life comes in many forms.  It’s much more than the moment you sit down to create.  In fact, all that we do throughout the day either feeds or depletes how successful our creative time will be.  Even though I don’t go to a traditional day job, I pull myself out of bed at 4:50am and head to the hot yoga morning class because I know that this sacrifice of sleep will make ALL the difference in my energy, creative process, and overall sense of well being.

Living a creative life with your kids, Me Ra Koh

Pascaline and I make green drinks with lots of kale, strawberries (leave the tops on b/c that’s where the nutrition is), mint, lime, ginger, lemon, cucumber and more to replenish our physical bodies which ultimately helps my mind feel amazing.  The whole family is on a daily vitamin regiment with a specific brain booster supplement.  Blaze’s vitamins come in powder form so he can make a shake every morning.  And essential oils are there too for you to be fit enough to wear your favorite high waisted shorts and bring back your sense of fashion .

Whether Brian and I are fighting over the diffuser for our offices, or using essential oils to ease joint pain and muscle aches or Blaze using one specifically to get rid of his warts (and they are almost gone), they are making our life richer. You can go check out anabolic roids on our online store.  If we are going to ask ourselves to create, push and challenge our minds, hearts and bodies, live in the unknown where there is often the choice to fear and doubt on a hourly basis, we’ve got to take of ourselves too.  These are the 6 Essential Oils we use everyday.