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Three New Skills to Wisely Manage Your Time: Business Coaching 101

Me Ra Koh

Hello to you all! It’s the First Monday Business Coaching Blog – Do you have a good relationship with time, priorities, and getting the really important things done to build your business? Most of find this challenging so here are three of our favorite tricks and tips. They work!

LOVE this quote! “Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.“ Faith Baldwin

I admit it. Sometimes, time gets the best of me. The day is over, I fall into bed, and with a huge list of things not done! I feel so frustrated and it’s hard to not judge myself or make up stories in my head about being a “failure”. (Anyone relate?? 🙂

I want to control time! Since this is impossible, it seems that the question is how to use it well. What really works is to make wise decisions and act on them. Decide what is important to accomplish, how it can best be accomplished, find time to work at it, and get it done. A successful business builds by small consistent steps.

“It’s how we spend our time here and now, that really matters. If you are fed up with the way you have come to interact with time, change it.” Marcia Wieder

Today I’m excited to share with you three skills that you can use today to change how you interact with time.

#1 Get Focused: What is my top priority for this week? Your priority is what matters the most to you. Ask the wise woman inside you what’s really important. Journal your answers: What feels imperative to me this week? If I got nothing else done – what do I most want to accomplish? What would increase my feelings of success and fulfillment?

Once you find it – focus on it, trust it, plan enough time for it and… don’t plan to do 6,000 priorities at once! Check: are your expectations reasonable or do you expect too much from yourself? The hundreds of small business owners I’ve coached always conclude that doing less and doing it well is ultimately more satisfying than trying to do more and ending up so stressed they can’t enjoy the results. Can anyone relate?? 🙂

ACTION STEP: Write down your priority for this week. Say your priority out loud. Chunk it – put small or large amounts of time to work on it in your schedule. Make requests of others to support you in focusing on your priority. Make new agreements with your self, your family, friends and clients.

#2 Reduce the inessential. The greatest loss of time is saying yes to too much or focusing on what doesn’t really matter. Watch for time wasters! It’s the weekly decrease that allows everything else to flow.

ACTION STEP: Write down 2 things that you can actually cross off your mental list. What is not yours to do? What can you give away? What is not now – but instead belongs in a future possibility list? Set them aside.

#3 Follow the flow. You know how some days you feel “in the flow” (everything lines up just right) and other days are more like a colliding pinball (traffic back up, missed call)? The truth is that stuff happens to take us off track. You need a flexible smart response.

A successful businesswoman stays focused on her plan while being flexible to change. Get back into the flow by putting your full attention on your priority while reducing the inessential.

Open your heart to the flow. As one of my mentors taught me, what really  matters is that our lives are full of love. Love doesn’t discriminate  between home and business. The more you open to and express your love,  the more you’ll feel satisfied with how you use your time and the  results you see.

ACTION STEP: Take an intuitive look at your week ahead. Where is the flow already going? Identify 1 way you can increase progress on your priorities by opening to more love and “going with the flow.”

Live a love-filled life and your passion ignites your commitment to your higher purpose. On track with your purpose you are naturally powerful.

Remember the moments do count. Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are authoring your life one moment at a time. Value yourself and what matters the most to you to fall in bed at the end of the day with a satisfied smile.

Speaking at conferences gives me great joy and it’s one of the priorities that I set for myself each year. Here I am in Paris at the Women’s International Networking conference super fancy dinner trying on a traditional Nigerian headdress! Is this fun or what!

Let’s continue to learn from each other about finding a wise and effective relationship with time. Come on over to the SOARORITY FORUMask your question or tell me what works for you.

~ Be well! Karen Buckley


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  1. Julie Watts says:

    Omgosh there are so many good suggestions and descriptions here! I know because Karen you taught me them in coaching…how to determine what matters and focus on it, developing my awareness of how I use the minutes of my day. And I finally DID try using a timer on my desk (I use my cell phone timer) and it’s REMARKABLE!! It not only makes tedious tasks go faster, it feels like a video game (and for this gal who grew up in the 80s, that’s awesome)!!

  2. Such Wonderful insights, Thank you Karen! Julie….I am so with you on the timer thing….Lets Rock the Clock 80’s Style! ~/~