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Business Coaching: Building Your Business from the Inside Out!

Me Ra Koh

Happy Monday!

I’m so excited for Karen Buckley of Wisdom Connection to bring you our second SOAR! Business Coaching Exercise!  Today’s assignment invites you to dive deep and uncover the confidence within.  We may not have confidence for our current dreams and visions, and yet we do have confidence already within us to draw from.  So how do we access it and bring it to use with our photography dreams?  Keep reading!




Greetings!  This is Karen Buckley, one of the SOAR! Business Coaches from The Wisdom Connection! Since this week will evolve into the first week of March, we are going to start today off with our second Business Coaching exercise!  And what better way to start the exercise than asking you provocative questions?!  I love provocative questions!

Here’s a mini-assessment for you today:

On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being low) how much do you:

Think of yourself as a businesswoman?

Question your “right” to be even more successful?

Dismiss your best ideas before you even get started on them?

Consider your self the “author” of your own life?

If you are 5’s all the way – you go! If, like most of us, you range from 1’s to 5’s, its time for some inside-out business development skills. This month we are excited to share with you three of our favorite tips and tricks for feeling more confident and ready for success every day.

#1 – Find out where you feel confident in your life and apply it to other areas.

One of our coaching clients felt stuck. An invitation to speak at a professional meeting terrified her.  We discovered that she felt really sure of her self in the kitchen. No qualms, no self-questioning, no judgments. Preparing a meal she took risks, concocted creative combos of smells and tastes and served with a flourish.

We developed an exercise to start her workday: Sit for 1 minute, close your eyes, and remember how confident you feel in the kitchen. Feel how you move when you cook. Feel this in your arms, your legs, your trunk, and especially your throat.

Every day she set a timer for 1 full minute of this meditation. Before she went up on stage, she put on her apron in her mind and sashayed up the stairs to give a fantastic talk – it felt easy!

How about you? Where do you feel confident and how can you grow that good feeling every day until it blossoms.

#2 – Give your self an assignment the night before. We all get shaky some times! Think of one thing you can do in the morning that will give you a boost.

No kidding, when I started my coaching business (way too long ago to count) I sat in our little apartment completely miserable trying to figure out how to do get clients. The kitchen sure was clean though! 🙂

Rick and I were just married. When he came home in the evenings I’d act like everything was ok. Finally, I broke down in sobs, “I feel so inept!” He asked me, “When do you feel confident?” In shame, I cried, “sharpening my pencils.” (I was really low!)

He gave me an assignment – to sharpen 3 pencils every morning for 7 days. He’s so sweet he even brought me home a whole new box the next day. First thing, when I sat down at my “desk” (a table at the end of the kitchen) I sharpened 3 pencils. It made me laugh out loud! After 7 days I rocked making phone calls and reading books in my field to learn more. If I wobbled…I went back to pencil sharpening!

#3 – Spend more time recounting your successes than your wobbles. You are your own best cheerleader and wise loving guide. I’ve never told anyone this – but I look in the mirror and say “well done” a couple of times a day. (don’t tell! J) Some days it makes all the difference.

Let’s do it! There are a lot of business skills to learn – how to market, develop a brand, shoot in low light or hot sun, new computer programs. It’s maddening when these skills are in place but you still feel like you are limping along.

It’s an inside job.  Confidence and self-trust are built, not given. You are worth it!  Give yourself some confidence building homework and let me know how it goes on the SOARORITY Forum!  What works for you?  Share your tips too!!

Follow the SOAR! Blog this week to hear what results Rachel, Charisse and Ali find!  And a BIG thank you for all the wonderful comments that you’ve been leaving on the SOAR! Blog Posts!!!  Every comment you leave empowers our recipients to keep working and fighting for their dreams to SOAR!

C’mon out!


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  1. Me Ra says:

    Thanks for this wonderful Business Coaching exercise Karen!!! I love that all your exercises revolve around building Feminine Wisdom with how we run our businesses. And what a difference that has made for me!

    Love you!

  2. Keisa says:

    Thanks for these coaching exercises… I loved them! I am in my early years as a life coach and I love your exercises… so practical & fun but sounds like they make all the difference. I love the wisdom that you are inspiring us to dig in deep and pull out. Thanks!

  3. Karen, I LOVE that photo of you…. it’s so authentic! Thanks for the awesome business coaching exercises! #1 – transposing successes on other areas of my life has been so helpful! It helps me get back into my body when I start going down that spiral of “not good enough” (which I know that no other women on the planet suffer from- ha ha). It’s funny how we so easily recount our stumbles, and shy away from praising our successes. This year I decided no more of that! I have a big poster board on my office wall listing all my big successes that I’m proud of (even small ones) and I’m trying to read it everyday. It’s made such a huge difference.

    Thanks Karen!!

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