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Has Photography been a Vehicle for You?

Me Ra Koh

For the last seven days, this is where you can find Brian.

Let me back up.  If you’ve been to our CONFIDENCE Workshop, you may have heard Brian share how photography has been a vehicle in his life.  At first it was a vehicle to spend more time with his wife while he carried all my different kinds of film and a ladder (yes, a ladder).  Then it grew into a passion of finding his own eye and voice through the lens.  Without warning, he one day realized how photography had become a vehicle of deep healing.  Photography has taken him to the working sets of TV from the Nate Berkus Show to daily talk shows, where Brian has jumped in to help with the technical pieces to pulling off every TV segment I’ve done.  Recently, he was been given an opportunity to Direct and Produce a video project.  In the last two years, we’ve both learned a LOT about directing, producing, script writing, story boarding, all the above and more–but we’ve never sat down and spent intentional time on filling in all the holes for being a full production company.

This is what I love about Brian.  When this opportunity presented itself, with no guarantee of what the future would hold, he listened to his gut–and his gut said “GO!”  He booked a flight that night, and the next day he jumped on a plane to CA for a last minute, intensive, video production workshop.  When the kids and I dropped him off at the airport, I yelled “Go learn how to have a Production company!”  He turned and grinned–that grin that I love!

Two weeks ago, Brian and I scripted and story boarded a short video for a special project.  He directed, filmed and ran audio at the same time.  I was so impressed!  The last seven days he’s been exploring the editing piece.  I am blown away at what he is creating from our fun fiasco shoot with the kids.

Photography.  We often see it as a single action: to shoot a moment.  But photography has many gifts to offer outside of shooting.  It opens our eyes to see the world in a different way–or maybe we see the world the way we always have but now have a way to express it.  Over the years, I’ve watched women grow in confidence as they figured out the technical side to photography.  Many of these women have told me how pivotal photography was in building their confidence to take the next step in dream building.  Some hold a camera in that dream, and others don’t.

Photography has been a vehicle of healing in my own life.  In the beginning, it was a way for me to process my grief over Aidan’s death.  Over time, photography became my vehicle to speak to the hearts of women, especially moms who long to capture their children’s stories. But I know the journey is not over.  This vehicle is still in motion–taking us to new places.

Have you experienced this dynamic too?  Has photography been a vehicle that has taken you to places you never imagined?  What unexpected places have you gone?  I would love to feature a couple stories on my blog!  Share a tidbit in today’s comments and a way to reach you!

Happy Monday dear friends!



p.s.  After the response to last Thursday’s post about the online class being in August, we are DEFINITELY going to offer it again in August! Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you can get priority registration!


  1. Michelle says:

    I began taking pictures in a “faux home studio” (picture wrinkled bedsheets) because my son hated the department store studios. Then I met Carey Schumacher when she was just starting out and she opened my eyes to a whole new world of photography. 🙂

    Photography has definitely been more than just “taking pictures”. It has opened my heart, courage and mind to so many other things. I originally started in 2008 because I wanted to just take pictures of my kids growing up. Now, I get to use it in a way I never imagined – to build awareness of special needs, particularly Down Syndrome.

    Photography has given me a confidence I had never had before. It has taken me out of so many different shells and helped open doors for me that I would have never thought to open. (That 2009 Confidence workshop was a blessing that helped me really get out of that shell!)

  2. Bev Van Es says:

    Last fall photography started out as a vehicle that God placed in my hands to pull me out of a pit of grief. This has now moved or transitioned into a dream and this dream led me to MeRa’s website to learn how to take better pictures. Now, 10 months later, I am taking a class with Me Ra and little does she know how much her encouragement has continued to feed this dream. Thank you for being you MeRa.

  3. Angie says:

    YES! I love this post so much and photography has definitely been a vehicle to MANY other opportunities over my 17 years in the industry. The greatest by far though, is motherhood. Photography was how I met my husband and after a series of circumstances convinced me that I wasn’t quite cut out for this whole “parenting” thing, photography made me realize that I might be missing out on the greatest opportunity of my life. With the birth of my daughter two and a half years ago, I switched from full time photographer to full time mom and can’t believe I almost missed out on this! Photography was also my segue to blogging and now to my first conference speaking event later this year. I can’t wait to see what other opportunities come my way 🙂
    Congrats to you and Brian on embracing every gift that comes your way!

  4. photography has been a vehicle for me to be closer to what excites sharon.

    i remember years ago…her talking to me when i’d get home from work about this photographer (how do you say that name again…MEERAHH-WHAT?) or that blog or this camera….i remember thinking…”sharon has this whole other world that she’s a part of and i’m not in it.” i didn’t like that….so i got involved. 🙂

    that has led us to working together at homegrown as we use our individual strengths and talents (which are entirely different). it’s challenging at times for sure, to work with a spouse, but at the end of the day i wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

    what does f-stop mean again?

  5. Genie says:

    It began when someone gave me a camera that FINALLY had the features I kept trying to have but was too afraid to buy. Then it took another beautiful someone – Jennifer Armstrong – agreeing to do a 15 minute shoot with my 92 yr old mother and me that became the last and dearest images of us.

    To document the births, deaths, memorials, celebrations, moms/daughters and elder events has given me a way to give to others. From hospitals to senior homes and more, these events were a gift to witness and capture. Thank you Me Ra. Without you I could not have been there to do this. You know where to find me….:)

  6. Julie Watts says:

    Because I said ‘yes’ to photography, I discovered what I was capable of….I mean crazy stuff…like co-hosting radio shows and starting an apparel company! I would have never thought I would do those things in a million years! Photography was that gentle teacher that rewarded me for my small risks. My love of photography was strong enough to drive me out of my comfort zone…I don’t know who I would be if I hadn’t had the vehicle of photography to use!

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  8. Carmalee says:

    MeRa Thinking about your post makes me realize how photography has become a vehicle for me too! I grew up thinking I’d become an elementary teacher-I’ve always loved kids. I’m not sure why I didn’t take that path but I do know that the path that I’m currently on is my vehicle for connecting with children. Since attending CONFIDENCE last year I’ve used my photography for school projects, youth sporting events, working with children’s charities and family resource centers. I love every moment I spend with the kids and come out of each of these events re-energized. Thank you.

  9. Photography became a hobby instead of plain job. 😀