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Blog Circle: Theme of Transition in Photos

Me Ra Koh

To kick off the Fall, our team of teachers is bringing you the theme of transition in photos!

Transition.  Is there a better word for describing the Fall?

Whether you are a fan of the leaves changing color, or you are still ironing out the new fall schedules that replaced our last, lazy, summer days, you are feeling transition everywhere you turn.  But how would you capture the theme of transition in photos?  Try this as a fun, personal photo assignment this month, and then share your results with me and the CONFIDENCE Teachers on my Facebook page!  We would LOVE to see what how you capture transition!

In our home, transition feels major!  And yet, I’m sure it is for every family.

We start homeschool up again, and I still can’t believe Blaze is in 4th grade and Pascaline is a mature 7th grader!  Craziness!  The curriculum is no joke, keeping all four of us on our toes.  But I love the freedom homeschool brings for them to also work on personal projects that they love.  Blaze dreams of being an archaeologist someday, and he’s been chipping and brushing away at this clay block for three days now.  Hidden treasure awaits him!

Theme of Transition in Photos, Me Ra Koh, boy working on an archaelogy project

Pascaline is big into drawing–she loves fashion design especially.  All summer, this girl practiced drawing for 30-60 minutes a day.  I love to find her in her bedroom, creating new fashion designs.  (Notice the theme of her bedding that she picked out a couple years ago?  Travel, travel, travel.)

Theme of Transition in Photos, Me Ra Koh, middle school girl drawing in bedroom

I also love to take walks in the chilly morning air, rain or shine.  The leaves are just beginning to change in color.

Theme of Transition in Photos, Me Ra Koh, fall leaves in rain

For our business, Fall is the season of promotion and publicity.  Last month, I started pitching all the major daytime talk shows about my new book, Your Child in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Toddler and Child from Age One to Ten.  The release date is October 1st, so we have a lot of pitching and re-pitching to do!  Fingers crossed, constant prayer, and diligent follow up…I will get some bites and join a couple talk shows for some fun photo tips and PR for my book.

Me Ra Koh photography book for parents, Your Child in Pictures

Speaking engagements are another big piece to the Fall.  The upcoming Click Retreat with Today’s Mama, our 2 Day CONFIDENCE Workshop this weekend (which is SOLD OUT!  Yay!!), and Photo Plus Expo in NYC is around the corner.  Putting together keynotes, demonstrative lectures for SONY’s booth on the tradeshow floors, all the above is also a big part of what is on my plate.

Me Ra Koh Speaking at Women's Conference in Dallas, Texas

Holiday Family Photo Shoots is one of my FAVORITE parts of the Fall!  I don’t get time to do as many, but I’m excited to work with four families in NYC this October!  (If you live near NYC and want to be put on the waiting list, email us!

Photos of Large Family by Me Ra Koh, Professional Photographer

And then there is our Dream Linking, our family travel show project!  We fly out this month to start presenting our project (YIKES!  I’m so excited!).  Brian and I are spending hours and hours doing research, asking experts, gathering numbers, and yet I so often feel like we are walking into deeper and deeper fog.  The fog is always unsettling, and yet we must admit that we can see the next step to take.  We just can’t see what is waiting for us down the road.

Photo of Heavy fog Alpine Trees at Mt. Rainier Paradise park by photographer Me Ra Koh

How I wish I could see that piece too.  But this step that is in front of me, even these next two or three steps, these I can see and embrace.  When I start to feel overwhelmed with all the millions of details that still need figuring for this dream to launch, I try to remind myself that the unknown is often the place where some of the most marvelous creations happen.  I’m betting on that and pressing forward with Brian.

The blog circle keeps going today.  Beth Wendland, our CONFIDENCE Teacher in Portland, Oregon, is next in line.  See what the theme of transition in photos looks like for her!  And then follow her blog to the next teacher in the circle!  We’ve got a big, beautiful, rich, visually inspiring, circle today!  A few of our newest teachers are making their debut with this being their first blog circle!  You are going to be so inspired!





  1. Me Ra Koh says:

    I’ve said it a half dozen times in all the comments I’ve left on your different blog posts, but who knew our teachers were such beautiful writers too! Holy smokes! This month’s blog circle inspired me not only visually but with my writing too, and filled my tank at the end of the day.

    Thank you beautiful teachers!

    For all those who followed along, are you enjoying the monthly Blog Circles? Is there a theme you would like us to do? We are always open to your thoughts!