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Quote for My Restart Class!

Me Ra Koh

I spotted this quote before I got on the plane and thought of my Restart class!

Our 5 Week Online Class, Restart Your Creative Life, is already more than half way through!  We have had the most amazing weeks, full of a-ha’s that are to many to keep count.  All 36 women have dove in and are putting their all into the exercises.  What is beautiful is witnessing the unexpected breakthroughs they are experiencing.  It’s awesome and powerful!

Week 3: Cast Your Cares is all about learning the dance of creating and resting to restart your creative life.  This quote from Pinterest is for you ladies!  Embrace this week, your creative assignments and creative activities, with courage and freedom to sink in to each one.  Breakthroughs happen when we rest too!

restart class

See you tomorrow (Friday) at 9am PST for our private FB Weekly Meet Up with the Restart class!




  1. Neyssa Lee says:

    SO TRUE! Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that worrying does us no good. Thank you! And I’m just loving this class. I’m torn between being excited for the next week’s readings and being sad that we’re half way done!