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Amazing Weekend! Check It Out!

Me Ra Koh

We arrived home yesterday from the most amazing weekend!

It started Thursday. Brittany and Greer had their wedding festivities start on Thursday night and invited Brian and I to come early and celebrate with their friends and family at a special prelude dinner. The whole restaurant was reserved for them with a live country band and fancy dancing! (sorry no photos, just having fun that night :)) When we walked into Trail Dust, we had an incredible welcome from all their guests, it was like a reunion from Shannon and Rob’s wedding last July! I never imagined our photography would bring us such beautiful relationships!

The next day Brian and I slept in (a rare treat as parents) and had a fun lunch at a sweet bistro near the university.

Isn’t he a cutie! πŸ™‚

Then Brian and I split up for a couple hours, and while I was checking out the local shops, a magazine editor calls to interview me for their upcoming issue! They are running a piece on tips for brides picking the right photographer. What a blast! It was kind of dreamy; strolling through a quaint neighborhood, going in and out of shops, and all the while doing this interview with the editor. Can you believe this will be our second magazine to premier our studio in 2008! Who are the magazines? We’re keeping the lid on it for a bit longer. πŸ™‚

Later that evening, we shot Britt and Greer’s rehearsal dinner at JW Marriott.

Brian and I couldn’t figure out why there were two empty seats at the head table with Brittany, and Greer. The next day they told us those seats were reserved for us! They wanted us to sit with them at their rehearsal dinner! Can you see why we adore this family?!

Saturday was the wedding, and it was breathtaking! The family has been working around the clock for several months to prepare the piece of land for this event. They actually had 16 semi trucks come in and dump 160 tons of pea gravel!!! Can you imagine the work! They brought in water, electricity, and 100 plus bails of hay! The final result was out of a movie!

Brian and I were going nuts with all the beautiful things to shoot and the amazing surrounding of Colorado sky and country!

But the best part was the private shoot we did with Brittany and Greer.

When we showed the slideshow the whole tent started cheering “Brian and Me Ra are AWESOME!” Brian and I couldn’t stop laughing and then when I saw Brittany crying, so I totally started crying and couldn’t help but hug her and Shannon. Being able to capture something that meant so much to them means more than words can say. These two ladies, Shannon and Brittany, have been through so much in their life. To be a part of their weddings was such a honor, and every time we get to be with them, we walk away better people.

Sunday was our day with Shannon, Rob and their sweet 1 month old, Ruby Katherine. We did a 3 hour newborn shoot at their home (with lots of fun surprises–I’ll share more later :)).

Afterward, Shannon and Rob surprised us with an awesome three hour lunch. We laughed so hard my side hurt!

As Brian and I were coming home yesterday, we couldn’t stop talking about how fortunate we are to have the clients we do. Our brides and grooms never feel like clients, in fact, just the opposite. They almost feel like extended family, and we find ourselves scheming with them on how we can see each other again.

Plan A: Bring the kids back this winter and go skiing all together at their cabin in Vail! (we promise guys! we’ll make it out! –and Shannon, you can’t see any more Ruby photos until I’m done with Britt’s wedding. :))

Plan B: Not even going to go there! πŸ™‚ (all our love to the whole gang; Britt, Greer, Shannon, Rob, Jim, Megan, Tim, Lindsey, Irene, Buck, ALL the beautiful and hilarious bridesmaids, (and Megan, I know you’re reading! Where is your comment? πŸ™‚ love, Me Ra and Brian)


  1. Tess says:

    Wow, Brian & Me Ra – what beautiful images!

    Congratulations to Brittany and Greer!
    And congratulations to Shannon & Rob – sweet Ruby is just as beautiful as you, Shannon! We need to see more pictures!

  2. Megan....and Tim says:

    Wow, where do we start.
    Of course you know I had to check this blog out first thing this morning!!!
    Me Ra and Brian, you two have made this experience richer for all of us by capturing some of the sweetest details that only you guys could see. They were breathtaking, hilarious, serious, sensual and perfect. Tim thinks his new calling is to be the official bag carrier of Me Ra Koh Photography or wait, perhaps something in comedy…. I have decided that our family is NOT big we would like to adopt you both and the kids! When you come out to Vail in the winter, we’re there!
    Thank you a million times….for not only what you do as a profession, but for being the beautiful people you are. That my friends is worth it’s weight in gold! We are all richer for meeting you.
    Thank you Me Ra and Brian!
    We Love You and thank you, also thanks to your children for sharing you with us….we know how hard it is to leave your kids.
    Many blessings and much love,
    Megan & Tim

  3. Me Ra says:

    Okay Megan, your comment made me want to cry! You are simply one of the most amazing women/moms I have ever met, and I told Brian that I HAVE to spend more time with Megan!! So whether you like it or not, I’m adopting you!!! And brian usually comes with the package. πŸ™‚

  4. Stephanie Walsh says:

    Great photos…these really capture the heart of the day! What a blessing it was to be there to celebrate with you all!

  5. Rob, Shannon & Ruby says:

    Me Ra & Brian, I have to tell you the first thing Brittany and Shannon did after Britt and Greer got engaged was to call you and make sure you would shoot the wedding. There isn’t anyone who could have done what you guys did. Amazing is an understatement.
    It was an absolute pleasure having you guys shoot our wedding last year. Not just because your pictures were amazing but the two of you are amazing people. I think what disappointed Shannon the most about our wedding ending was that she thought we wouldn’t see the two of you again. It has been one of the highlights of our year to spend the time we have with the two of you. You have a gift, not just in the pictures you take, but the people you are and way you make people feel like they’ve known you forever. There aren’t enough thanks in the world or words for how grateful we are to have met you.

  6. Val & Larry says:

    Me Ra & Brian, the slideshow was so touching that we’re just holding our breath until we can see how you captured more of Greer and Brittany’s loved filled celebration! We look forward to being able relive the precious moments that filled the spectacular celebration through the eyes of your insightful talent!