Me Ra Koh's wedding portrait from 20 years ago! So cute!

Are you looking for REAL marriage tips and advice? If yes, Brian and I are celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary with a special video for you: After all, 20 years ago we did this! Is it me, or does Brian look like he’s a teenager in our wedding photo?! LOL! But seriously, if we […]

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One of the best way to handle fears is to ring your YES bell that actually exists in the PNW mountains!

My mom and I took a special three day hiking trip together. Along the way we discovered a huge YES bell in the middle of the forest! I had never seen anything like it! Little did I know, this bell was the best way to handle fears that day! The massive bell was suspended from […]

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12 Gifts for Cool Dads, Me Ra Koh

Anyone else draw a blank when it comes to shopping for men, especially dads?  Would you love a go-to list of the 12 Gifts for Cool Dads?  Me too!  This year, I decided to get my list by doing something different.  Instead of trying to guess what they want, I reached out to the dads […]

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ways to accept compliments, Me Ra Koh

5 Ways to Accept Compliments – Me Ra Koh Some of you may not know I’m one of the lucky ones.  Thirty years ago, I was a patient in a psychiatric ward.  Yes, my husband is forever jealous of this bragging right. 🙂  I experienced an overwhelming amount of trauma in my life and needed […]

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moms are brave and afraid, Me Ra Koh

Self Portrait with Pascaline I feel like my heart is resurfacing. And even though I have been brave, I want to cry. The last few years have felt like a blur.  I think the moment you start talking with your husband about moving across country is the moment you start grieving.  We started the conversation in 2013–almost […]

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travel tips for working moms

In five weeks, I traveled to Florida, New York, Vegas, Nashville, Dallas and somewhere else that I can’t remember.  Talk about a whirlwind of travel for work.  You could say I’ve learned a few travel tips along the way, especially for those of us who are working moms!  Whether you travel a lot or a […]

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