Overcoming Fear

Start Again!

Me Ra Koh

I had to share part of my devotional today.  It’s a beautiful piece of encouragement from The Artist’s Way.  If you needed to hear this as much as I did, post a comment and let me know you are out there.  Whether your an orphan in Cambodia shooting from a Tuk-Tuk with a dream of being a photographer

or a stay at home mom, dedicated to own little ones and has a growing dream to see her own desires SOAR, START AGAIN!   And no you are not alone in starting again.  We are all together on this!

“You say you want to make art.  You want to begin or you want to continue.  This is good.  We need a more artful world, and that means we need you and and the specific contribution that you and you alone can make.  But to make it you must start somewhere, and that is often the sticking point.  We all have our fears, and they feel as real as the chair you are sitting in.  Like that chair, they can be slouched into or left behind.  Sometimes we need to sit up and ignore the cricks in our back and shoulders and just begin.  That’s how it is with art.  We just need to begin. 

Begin where you are, with who you are. 

In order to go where you want to go creatively, you have to start somewhere.  And the best place to start is precisely where you are.  This is true whether you are a beginning artist or someone with long miles down the track.  In fact, seasoned artists can waste time and energy mulling the dignity of their acquired position in the field when the truth is, they still need to just start again.”

Let’s be inspired today to just start, whether it’s starting again or for the first time!

love you all!

Me Ra


  1. Since the day your blog found me, God has used it to speak to me. I can look back over the past 9 months and tell you exact moments that became milestones from hearing His voice through yours. : ) Thank you for sharing. From my heart to yours… truly, deeply thank you.

  2. lynda says:

    what a great post! love it! challenging, uplifting, encouraging and leading us to keep pressing on! Time to start again …

  3. Kelli says:

    I find myself “restarting” myself almost on a weekly if not daily basis. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. jeramy says:

    well…i know i’m not a women….but i am an artist….and a member of this community for sure….(right? :-)), so i’m going to just read this like you addressed it directly to me.

    i’ve been writing music for about 17 years now….off and on….and i constantly feel like i’m beginning again. the whole concept of starting somewhere, just so you can getting moving is something that has really worked for me in the past. even if you are starting with what you deem as a “bad idea”. i find it’s so much easier to refine an idea if there’s an actual idea to refine. get it? start somewhere. do something. begin. you’ll never make it to verse 2, if you don’t write the first word. or photograph or whatever.

    good stuff mera! take care.

  5. Here’s to new beginnings and fresh starts EVERYDAY! Thanks MeRa…and Jeramy (aka…”J-dog”) indeed you are not a women…HaHaHa…at least I hope not! ; ) but a true artist and most defiantly an amazing part of this community…always have been and I hope always will be. Brian would be lost without you! The friendships that have been formed here over the years have been a true blessing! Hello to your beautiful Sharon! Sing on! Once again- Thank you MeRa and Brian.

  6. jeramy says:

    ahhh…..k-dog! 🙂 thanks so much….big love from us!

  7. Sue Christianson says:

    awesome post MeRa! eeeeekkk!!! Seattle in May! Your mom attending! I want to come! I have a little convincing to do at home! Pray that I can come!!!!