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BRestart Your Creative Life with Me Ra Koh: 5 Week Online Course for Women.

Whether you are a photographer, writer, mom who goes to work, mom who works at home, you have a creative well within you.  Our creative wells need to be filled, replenished, cared for and grown. So we can continue to create, think outside of the box, and dream bigger.  When our creative well is running dry, we find ourselves reproducing creations from the past that leave us unsatisfied and eventually unfulfilled.

Me Ra Koh is an accomplished working artist who believes in the importance of responding to the unexpected knock that says “Create Me!”, even when what’s asked to be created doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Many artists would say you need to find one type of art and stick with it. If you are a non-fiction writer, you need to always write non-fiction. If you are a photographer, you are only a photographer. Me Ra encourages her students to not be one or the other, but to be an Artist. To listen for the knocking, often following it into the unknown. But it starts with filling your creative well.  It starts with restarting your creative life to fill a well that has been dry for to long.


Week 1: Be a Legacy

Week 2: Discover Your Desires

Week 3: Cast Your Cares

Week 4: Grow Your Vision

Week 5: Step into the Unknown

*Plan 90 minutes to two hours each week to reap the full reward of this online course.  This is not required but the more you put in, the more you will get out.  The time is broken up into 45 minutes (estimate) for each video (audio version also available), 30-45 minutes for the exercises and activities.

*Special note regarding videos.  You will hear Me Ra share intimate, personal stories of how she’s overcome fear, dealt with pain, and used it all to fuel her creativity.  At times, she will share how her faith has played a roll in this journey.  These videos will make you both laugh and cry (but a good kind of cry) as Me Ra shares with a rare candid transparency.


-5 Week Online Course “Restart Your Creative Life with Me Ra Koh”

-5 Videos, 1 for each week (The videos are key to the whole course, 5 Days to Confidence. Me Ra pours out her heart, challenging, inspiring and empowering you to go deep, take risk and see your impossible creations come to life. At the beginning of each week, you will receive one video.  Audio version also available to watch/listen whenever and wherever you are.)

-5 Pdfs with a Creative Assignment to Process What the Videos have Stirred in Your Creative Spirit (pdfs will come with the video each week, there will be questions/writing prompts/assignments to process. Me Ra encourages you to do these through writing but they can also be typed or spoken.

-5 Creative Actions, weekly.  This is where you turn your processing into action.

-Private FB Group Page so we can all share our assignments, exercises and process together!  You will quickly see how fast this group feels like sisters!  That is the magic of all the women we get to work with!

-Weekly Live Process, Me Ra will be online for a set time to answer questions, comment on your process, and cheer you on!  (She’s online more than once a week, but this is a set time for those of you who want to schedule it in to your week.)

-Cluster Groups (small groups of three to four kindred spirit women to process the creative assignments for specific weeks)

-Added Bonus Challenge!  (because I know some of you are the total “cross off the list” women–my kindred spirits :))


As a way to encourage women to finish all the videos and exercises, Me Ra has a bonus prize for you!

At the end of the course, she will put all the names in a drawing for those who have finished the course. One name is drawn at random to win a 60 minutes mentor session with Me Ra. You can use this mentoring session to talk to her about anything from photography to nurturing your creativity to running your own business to creating something from nothing to making the impossible possible to getting on TV to writing a book! You choose!


$299 price (the 5 Days to Confidence video series is $249, so you pay only $50 more to participate in the 5 Week Course!  If you have already purchased the video series, let us know and we will only charge you the extra $50!  Can’t go wrong, right?! 🙂

Ready to Restart Your Creative Life?!  Sign up today!

Me Ra Koh has been empowering women to live the creative life for twenty years. As a working artist, she is a bestselling author, host of Disney Jr. “Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh”, nationally recognized as “The Photo Mom” leading visual storytelling campaigns for corporations such as SONY, Target, Sesame Street and Disney.  She is one of the original SONY Artisans of Imagery since 2007.  She is also a popular keynote speaker to women’s conferences nationwide And alongside her husband, they teach their 2-Day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women. And they teach their Portrait of Italy: 8 Day Photography and Culinary Tour through Northern Italy.  Me Ra and her husband, own FIORIA, a photography studio in Dallas, Texas. People fly in from around the country for their transformative Rising Phoenix Experience.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you should need to cancel, we will apply your payment(s) as credit to a future CONFIDENCE or online workshop within 24 months of your original workshop up to 45 days before the workshop weekend.  If you need to cancel within the 45 days leading up to the workshop, we will do our best to fill your spot and apply your payment(s) to a future workshop within the next 24 months. But we can’t guarantee this.  If your spot cannot be filled within the 45 days, your workshop payment(s) will be forfeited. This is the policy for all our online and in-person workshops, excluding our travel “Portrait of the World” workshops.



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  1. Robin Fuehrer

    I’ve loved everything I have done with Me Ra but I have to say that this course has been, by far, my all time favorite! What the Confidence Workshop did for my camera skills Restart did for my creative soul. I’m really trying to hold back here so I don’t sound so ‘gushy’ but honestly Restart Your Creative life brought me through some serious soul searching and is still having an impact on, not only me, but my family as well. Although I didn’t learn one single technical or photographic skill in the course (in fact the photos I took during the course were with my… gasp… iPhone!) it has had more impact on my photography and my whole creative self than any other class I’ve taken. I have taken Restart twice and I have a feeling I will be taking it again in the future!

  2. Jackie Wallace

    2015 Restart with Mera Koh, my creative cluster group and the fb private group was something I really wanted to do because of my passion for photography, to stir up my inner creative well and start the year off with greater clarity around my goals.
    What came out of this short course was a desire to want to be mentored by Mera all the time so get set to soar!
    The only thing I would do differently as a participant in Restart this year is totally believe in myself and focus on a fast turn around on my goals =getting paid faster.
    Restart is the perfect environment to make friends and be inspired by a Professional Artist who all believe in you. ENJOY GET EXCITED AND ENJOY SEE YOU THERE 2016

  3. Jill Velazquez (verified owner)

    I just signed up to take the Restart class, again! This will be my second time taking it. I’m so excited!
    Me Ra Koh really shows up and shines through to inspire and provoke deep thought to help you figure out what you truly desire in your heart of hearts. This class helped me not only figure out what my passion at that time was, but it helped me feel ready to chase those dreams. There are weekly videos and assignments help guide you through the soul searching process. It’s nice that they are weekly! As a busy mom and business owner it’s nice to be able to do the work at my own pace, in my own free time.
    Another great thing about this class is the community of people who are working through the course right along with you. They are so encouraging and kind. I loved checking in with them in our private Facebook group and even chatting on the phone!

    If you’re thinking about taking the Restart class, DO IT! You will thank yourself (and Me Ra) over and over!
    So much has happened since the last Restart class I took. I can’t wait to see what happens after this one!

  4. Jenice McCoy

    Me Ra is such an inspiration through Confidence, Restart, and Magical Light! She can open your mind and your world to inspire you to look at the simplest level of whats in front of you and Dream Big! By taking each of these classes you are building yourself and your inner passions to look at life in a whole new level! Her passion and deep listening inspires you to journal whats going on in your inner well and put your worries out in the wind to let go of fears, concerns, and trust that you will hear and see your path. Your life will soar! I loved the chatting on the Facebook group with the Restart and Magical Light courses to see the levels that I had not thought of. I also loved meeting on the conference call with the cluster group as I made friends close and across the world! I will also add that if you need organization to your Digital library of photos her follow up with Adobe Lightroom Organized is a fabulous completion to your path! What a better way to unclutter your life and feel your heart Wings Soar to feel Refreshed and unclutter that inner Artist Well!

  5. Kelly Kendall (verified owner)

    I signed up for “Restart Your Creative Life” thinking that it was going to help me through a recent photography and design burn-out. But it was SO much more than that – it’s more like an entire life coaching class!! Throughout the five weeks, Me Ra challenged us to rethink the way we do things in life and the purpose behind our actions. I loved watching each week’s lesson and working on the creative assignments that accompanied them. But the best part, in my opinion, was the weekly Facebook chats with the entire class! I had so many “aha!” moments during the hour-long FB chats, and it quickly became my favorite hour of the week during this class. I can’t say enough good things about this class. It was the class I needed in my life at that time, when I didn’t know even know I needed it! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this workshop!

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    Originally, we purchased the Restart Your Creative Life course as a Christmas gift for a family member. (Great gift idea!!) I ended up enrolling in the class too. I am so thankful that I did!

    As a mother, a nurse, and a rancher’s wife, I didn’t realize how dry my creative well had become. I thought I saw the empty well of that family member mentioned above and how this course would benefit her, but in reality I was seeing a reflection of my own empty well and my need to be restarted. Hindsight is 20/20.

    This course challenged me to begin focusing on myself again and to not feel guilty about it. I began learning how to fill my creative well. I admit it is a hard process, and I still have much self reflection to do, but MeRa and others in the course were very supportive. I realized I was not alone in what I was feeling. That, in and of itself, was empowering. Through weekly videos, assignments, and private Facebook sessions, you learn to take a deeper look within yourself.

    If you will take my advice, sign up for the course and FILL YOUR CREATIVE WELL!!! Sometimes the things we need really are right in front of us.

  7. Inez (verified owner)

    Before the course things were always in the back of my mind but for some reason I am now thinking about the steps I can take to make my dreams a reality ….not just dreaming about them!
    – 2016 class

  8. Melana

    The session was great. It reminded me to go with the flow and take time. As we push forward, it is really a movement within ourselves and not a competition with anyone else. Dreams do come true if we listen for the guidance along the path. This course has reminded me of those thoughts.

  9. Steffani (verified owner)

    My mind and heart have been churning all the new things introduced into my thought process by +MeRa Koh in all the videos and PDF’s and I can say I am so excited for this new journey I am about to take. I don’t know what or where it is yet, but having a new way to look at what I am going through mentally has reinvigorated my outlook on life!
    -2016 class

  10. Cathleen

    I have really embraced that my creative spirit is a huge part of me, and I need to nurture it and not squelch it. And that when I don’t get enough creative time I feel it. I also have changed how I look at my big goals. As an adventure. When I describe it like this there is not a feeling of the need to be perfect and get everything right. There is room for listening and creating as I go. Loved this course!
    -2015 class

  11. Suzan

    Now when faced with various threatening weeds, I hear you MeRa say, “What do you want?”
    I don’t remember what week that was but it is with me, often.
    -2015 Class

  12. Scooter

    My revelation from this course…Progress not perfection in each area of my life.

  13. Christina

    Just wow!! i’m celebrating, and i’ve noticed a bit of confidence since then!
    -2015 class

  14. Shirley

    This whole metaphor about sealing the leaks had me spinning — love it and can totally relate!
    -2015 class

  15. Alisha

    Big shift I’ve made: I’ve been staring at my craft room, thinking about it way too hard. Where should I put things? What if I don’t like the way I set it up? What if it doesn’t spark my creativity?

    Well, I stopped thinking about it so much and just did it!

  16. Lisa

    What was my shift? I am learning that the whole world is FILLED with Living Presence. and the desire for beauty deep within is not superficial but a deep, spiritual desire.

    I’m dreaming again. And for the first time in I don’t know how long I’m not tying myself down with the duty to ‘anchor myself’ to reality. I’m a girl who’s allowed to dream and expect my life to be big!… I was just talking to a friend about it yesterday and I am amazed with how buoyant I feel. The future is fully of possibility now. Not enduring and just dealing with the cards I am dealt.

  17. Haleema

    I always felt that “desire” was unrealistic because I saw people in my family put aside their desires and selflessly work. But I see that if I pursue my desires, it doesn’t have to be purely selfish, and if you take the first step you don’t know where the next will lead. It can lead to greater happiness for all.

  18. Pamela

    I think Fear and Doubt kept me from doing a lot of things in my life, and I have reached a point where I want to put them in the backseat so I can enjoy life!
    -2015 class

  19. Julie

    I just have to say Me Ra you are amazing woman! It is not a coincidence that all of us signed up for this class. Thank you for risking and listening to your call and your heart! Thank Brian for doing it with you and supporting you!

  20. Sarah

    Thank you to all ladies for sharing from your hearts. You have really spurred me on!
    Me Ra, I watched all the videos and am so blessed that I could hear what you’ve overcome, and what you are dreaming about. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me to dream big!
    I have a long way to go with my creativity, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve been creating things with my kids again. Almost everyday. It’s been such a joy for all of us.
    I am happier, and they are happier!
    -2014 Class

  21. Laura

    Just taking the time to dream, i feel unstoppable! haha! i hope and pray this feeling lasts!

  22. Neyssa

    Find ways to get uncomfortable really spoke to me. And Rest has also been a new tool thanks to this class. Your Pain is Your Strength. My pain is my strength. Time to remember that.

  23. BreAnna

    Thanks Me Ra! I thought of the course materials as I was shooting it and then on the way home, the radio station that was all static, cleared and a song by Garth Brooks called “The River” began playing. I hadn’t heard it in YEARS! If you are unfamiliar with the song, I encourage you to look up the lyrics. It was SO incredibly fitting to what I’ve learned in this class!
    -2014 Class

  24. Tina

    One major shift for me is to follow my heart and not head. I over analyze things and let fear hold me back too often. I’m now letting my heart lead the way and am stepping way out of my comfort zone to improve my photography, myself, and my biz. I’m so excited for what the future has in store!

  25. Debbie

    My big ahhhs have been allowing myself to dream big! Something Me Ra said about having a desire, but to understand that when getting it that it might not look like what you anticipate. This has been very liberating for me!
    -2014 Class

  26. Kellie

    My shift was admitting that even though I’ve acknowledged my desires… they won’t just somehow magically happen no matter how wonderfully the world works. That I’ll have to be more intentional to get what I desire. And that I want to spend less time comparing my creative body of work and more time finding my creative voice.

    Another big shift is acknowledging that I DESERVE to make time for myself to pursue my interests or what will fill me up and that my family/children will be better for it, not in spite of me doing that!

  27. Maria

    I am starting to really understand that I need to create for creativity’s sake.
    Not everything has to have a final outcome, or goal.
    Sometimes I need to do or try things because it makes me happy to try them, or because it stretches me, and that is enough.

  28. Gargi

    One thing that’s shifted in my heart is that I’m not alone. Through this course, I have a community of beautiful women who are there to support me!

    This course really spun my head around… In a good way. Made me go really deep. I has this huge AHA that, to make room for creativity I had to let go of my desire to be in too many places, I had to quiet down. So I started with unsubscribing from newsletters I no longer read and focus on those things that I want to grow.

    I saw a big shift in my energy in the past few days. I already feel so light, like I’ve created the room to grow.

  29. Michelle

    I have to say that the comforting piece of the Cluster groups was not personally knowing my peers. It allowed me to speak openly and freeing without feeling like I was being judged. I am thankful for that. Loved this experience!

  30. Pamela

    New shifts to create who I truly am…deep within me . My unique desires are not like everyone around me, but they can become great stepping stones to the next path and journey of life . They are important and instrumental in my well being.

  31. Erica

    I can’t put into words how grateful I am Me Ra Koh…first the Confidence workshop…then the Restart course…you have changed my life in so many monumental ways. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  32. Olena Thompson (verified owner)

    I have known Me Ra for 6 years and every time I interact with her or attend her class, I get more and more inspired.

    This class has opened my eyes into so many areas of my life. With her positive energy, she shows how much she cares for you and wants to help you and take you to the next level in your life, whether it’s work, marriage, or just every day life. Her humility, down to earth personality and openness will take your breath away every time you hear her speak.

    After each video that you will get to watch for your weekly class assignment, you will be blown away in so many ways. You will laugh, you will cry and you will want to move the mountains!

    Then you will have time to process what you have heard in the video with your fellow classmates via live Facebook chat. This group is another powerful tool to take your leaning to the next level, keep yourself accountable, share with others and get their feedback in a safe environment.

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to overcome their fears in order to take the most of life. As moms, we always give so much to everyone. This course is a gift to you to become a better wife, mom, friend, artist and a woman. Take a leap and you will be forever changed!

  33. Wendy (verified owner)

    I have been following MeRa Koh’s work for a couple of years now, and this class came into my e-mail bin at a time when I was feeling particularly stuck. Although I don’t really consider myself an artist, I was really interested in the course. As I would consider signing up, I would immediately then be filled with fear and doubt about justifying the cost of the course. How could I spend that kind of money and time on myself?! I am so, so glad I did!! MeRa’s lesson plans and videos spoke to me on such a personal level. I was stretched every week in ways I could not have imagined. MeRa is so present in the processing times, and so encouraging. Her authenticity is amazing. I was also amazed at the ability of the group to come together in the processing times. It has been such a gift to feel so supported. I cannot recommend this course enough. Sign up! You’re worth it!!!!

  34. Debbie Camba (verified owner)

    This class opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about creativity. Me Ra, through her bravery, honesty and kindness, sets the stage to give women the courage to delve deeper and explore our creative desires. She shares stories of her own experiences confronting many of the common the roadblocks to creativity that can get in the way of our creative quest, showing us that we are not alone in our struggles. Me Ra offers encouragement and strategies to nurture our creative souls and trust our intuition.

  35. Peggy (verified owner)

    Fears, Doubts, Desires and Rest…
    Restart Your Creativity was a nice surprise. I liked the topic of restarting creativity but was pleasantly surprised to cover so many other important topics. Watching Me Ra’s videos was a great base for our discussions. Then doing the weekly exercises privately was a reflective next step to finishing each with a private Facebook discussion was very powerful! It was a wonderful way to connect with the other students anonymously, and yet still be moving, emotional, powerful and reaffirming.
    I really enjoyed the format, the content and the connections!
    -Peggy, Texas
    Restart Your Creativity
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017

  36. Kelli (verified owner)

    Simple said This course helped me start…I am making time for it all…instead of saying its a priority and not doing anything I am taking action..and this has made ALL the difference.

    Thank you so much Me Ra for your open heart and wisdom.

    -Kelli, California
    Restart Your Creativity
    Portrait of Italy, 2016

  37. Claudia (verified owner)

    Me Ra – you constantly amaze me. The videos spoke directly to my heart! There was so much that stood out to me. When you said “I can’t hide who I am or where I’ve come from” then how the man from Sony said “the world is desperate for authenticity.” This just shined so brightly to me. I am in awe how you can talk about your past and all the tough parts of your journey. It would be so easy to hide those pieces and just talk about your successes and yet you don’t shy away from the hard. That was an inspiration to me!!
    This class has challenged me to use my pain to help others. I’m still not sure what that looks like and quite honestly I feel tremendously inadequate, but a spark has stirred in my soul. That alone is such an accomplishment for me as I struggled throughout 2016 with my grief. Thank you for helping me to gain a new perspective in the New Year! It feels wonderful!!
    Your travel tour is on my wish list for 2018! I am saving up!!
    -Claudia, Virginia
    Restart Your Creativity, 2017
    How to Capture Magical Light, 2015

  38. Ruth

    I noticed in Week 4 that I am able to balance better – much better. I always resented that I could not hold a yoga balance pose because it told me loud and clear that things are out of balance in my body and mind and there was no hiding from it. Today, unbelievably – no balance issues.
    Something is shifting.
    There is a definite Restart.
    -Ruth, New York

  39. Jayne (verified owner)

    The whole “Clarity” thing is kicking into gear since I started this course. Cleaning, painting, finishing up projects. These things clutter my head so I am happier with every purge of stuff. Placing flowers in a few spots in my home which we all enjoy…thank you Me Ra for showing me how to restart on multiple levels!
    -Jayne, Texas
    Restart Your Creativity
    CONFIDENCE Grad, 2017

  40. Peggy

    I have met with friends more and have felt free to speak about more private or difficult topics. I feel like this class so far has allowed me to take a deeper look at life and have more in depth conversations.
    This in turn has brought friendships closer and has brought me more happiness.
    -Peggy, New York
    Restart Your Creativity
    How to Capture Magical Light, 2016

  41. Rachel Williamson (verified owner)

    I have been feeling ‘stuck’ for a while with my creative pursuits and not knowing where to go next. Although I still don’t have all the answers, I feel more peace in enjoying the journey, more confidence to ‘just get on with it and do it’, and excitement that pursuing my creative gifts and this passion within me is indeed part of my future plan.

    Thank you to Me Ra and Brian for their real encouragement and a course that is thoughtful, well planned out and very manageable to accomplish when you are juggling job and family. I have two young children under 5 and was easily able to handle the amount of work and assignments that were presented. And now having mum working on her art has become the new normal in our family culture.

    I highly recommend the Restart course if you need to restart your creative energy and feel purposeful about the next steps. Me Ra and Brian’s passion for life and living it to the fullest is highly infectious and their support is tangible. Thank you.

    Rachel Williamson

  42. Elisabeth Wile (verified owner)

    Me Ra’s Restart course was AMAZING! Her video’s were heart-warming, inspiring and thought provoking. We reached deep inside of ourselves to see more clearly who we are as women and artists, investigated barriers to our creativity and identified actions that we could take to overcome them. Thank you MeRa for outpouring so much of you into your students!

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