Portrait 101 Kit – Updated and Revised: The Essentials to Starting Your Own Side Business

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Everything You Need to Know for How to Start a Portrait Photography Business you LOVE!

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There isn’t a better side business then shooting portraits for families on the weekend.

How to Start a Portrait Photography Business is overwhelming!  But it doesn’t have to be if you have someone guide you through it.  I wrote the original Portrait 101 Kit in 2007!  Everyone loved it.  Let’s just say I’ve learned a LOT MORE about running a successful portrait business since 2007!  If you loved the first one, you’ll go crazy over this revised and extended version!

The Revised and Extended Portrait 101 Kit on How to Start a Portrait Photography Business is meant to provide aspiring portrait photographers with all the essentials in starting their own portrait business. Whether you need a boost to the next level in marketing or feel overwhelmed in wanting to know how to charge, what to offer, how to use SEO to boost your marketing…this Portrait 101 Kit has it all!

*NEW ADDITION: 60 min Q&A video where Brian and I discuss different business models, pricing, how to get your business off the ground and answer questions from live viewers.  Print off the 101 Kit, review the content, and then watch the new 60 min. video to go even deeper!

The Newly Revised and Extended Portrait 101 Kit Includes:

  1. 20 plus NEW PAGES of Advice on How to Start a Portrait Photography Business you LOVE!
  2. Introduction by Me Ra Koh with Detailed Table of Contents
  3. What to Ask: Portrait Client Contact Worksheet (UPDATED)
  4. 5 Business Models for How to Price Your Photo Shoots
  5. Get 4 Different Packages for Pricing Yourself (All Packages I’ve Created and Used with 3 Types of Family Portrait Packages and 1 Senior Portrait Package)
  6. Spreading the Word:  Marketing Strategies for Portrait Specific Bookings (10 new pgs including how to be strategic with SEO, Facebook, Blogging, and MORE!)
  7. Secrets to Collecting Referrals:  Creating Evangelists Out of Your Existing Clients
  8. Staying Organized:  Simple Automated Spreadsheet for Keeping Track of Clients, Payments, Due Dates, etc. (designed by Brian and has received countless reviews of praise)
  9. Sample/Model Waiver Release Form to Use Images (please note: both the waiver and contract are meant to serve as a model or example, but do not presume to know the law in your residing/working state.
  10. Top Recommended Vendor List :  We have a handful of companies/vendors that have taken our business to the next level.  I give you all their websites so that you can take advantage of their great products and customer service.  Thus, spending less time reinventing the wheel of a photography business.
  11. NEW 60 min Q&A Video


Questions about Starting/Strengthening Your Portrait Business?

Join Brian and I in our private Facebook community, Confidence with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend, for access to private videos and the ability to post questions!  See you there!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN!



9 reviews for Portrait 101 Kit – Updated and Revised: The Essentials to Starting Your Own Side Business

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  1. Jessica (verified owner)

    I am so thankful to have added this incredible resource from MeRa and Brian to my every growing collection of learning tools. As I’ve come to expect, MeRa’s advice comes straight from her heart. She explains how she worked to grow her business and brand IN SPITE of her early experiences with insecurity and rejection. Take that personal fears!
    This resource however, is so much more than “you can do it”. MeRa really lays it all out on the line for anyone who is looking to take their “hobby” to the next level. She includes price lists, contracts, her favorite vendors, social media strategies and so much more. In this kit I have found not only inspiration, validation and reassurance, but also VERY USEFUL STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to build my BUSINESS of photography. Bring it on!


  2. Carrie

    Award-winning photographer extraordinaire Me Ra shares her insider perspective and info based on her own vast experience needed to start a successful portrait photography business. I have the “original” 101 Kit, and it really helped propel me when I started my own business back in 2011. There are so many uncertainties and small details that are hard to anticipate on your own, but having Me Ra’s advice and experience on what works was truly invaluable to me.

    The updated and revised edition adds so much more info about social media and marketing that is essential in today’s digital world. I love that this is a self-contained product that you can download all at once then go through when you have the time, and refer back to when questions arise. Wonderful!
    Thank you for giving me the tools to create a business when I didn’t think it was possible!

    -Carrie, WA

  3. Molly Balint

    I felt so overwhelmed when I decided to start my photography business. The resources available online are overwhelming and it seems like there are millions of things you need to think of and figure out before you can even begin–what to charge, what to put in your contract, how to reach your clients, how to deliver photos, do you give digitals or prints, etc etc.? I almost felt paralyzed by all the things I felt like I had to figure out before I could even begin. Then I discovered Me Ra’s Portrait 101 kit and it was like having a friend AND a coach not only walk me through all the things I needed to know, but also encourage me along the way. Me Ra basically gives you a behind the scenes look at how she handles her business from beginning to end and is completely transparent. It was EXACTLY what I needed to not only answer my questions, but also help me figure out which aspects of my business were really important and which things I needed to figure out first. If you are starting out or even need new inspiration for your photography business, I highly recommend this 101 Kit.

    -Molly, MD

  4. Allison Gallagher

    When I was getting started in my photography business, I actually didn’t really know I was starting a business! I had no plan and things just kind of grew organically. Sounds great, but it was actually very stressful because every little thing was trial and error. I didn’t have a road map. I tried to find online resources, but much of what I found was extremely technical or not really applicable to what I was experiencing as I began my journey.

    Me Ra’s Portrait 101 kit was an answer to a prayer! It was like having your best friend give you the scoop on what to do and why! The information was so valuable and answered so many questions that I didn’t even know I had!

    But just as important to me was the supportive and authentic manner that the material was presented. Me Ra gives you the behind the scenes view of starting a photography business, revealing mistakes and successes she experienced along the way, and helping you learn from them!

    Having this support and wealth of information at my fingertips gave me so much confidence and that important road map I was lacking on my journey to being a photographer. That is priceless!!

    -Allison, VA

  5. BreAnna

    You’re probably reading this review because you’re skeptical. I know I am about most things I buy online.

    Maybe you’ve seen Me Ra on Disney Jr., found one of her books, or stumbled upon her blog or perhaps you’ve followed her for so long you don’t remember how you heard of her in the first place! No matter what category you fall into, Me Ra’s Portrait 101 kit will be so helpful if you’re looking to start or build your photography business! Me Ra gives you all the necessary tools to succeed. I can’t tell you how many websites, blogs and talks I’ve heard over the years that discussed how to price your work/time. Me Ra breaks it down in a way I’ve never seen before – multiple choices! It seems as though everything else I’d read/heard, there was only “one right way to do it” and that was all they discussed. Me Ra knows that everyone has different personality types and are in various seasons in life. She helps lay out all the info but encourages you to decide what’s right for you!

    I found the model release SO helpful! I did a few commercial product shoots and I didn’t even have to blink an eye when it came to the model releases the company requested. I already had them, thanks to Me Ra! She also gives great marketing advice along with how to deal with rejection (ah, we know it’s out there…be prepared).

    I would recommend this product 100 times over. Save yourself from the headache and give the Portrait 101 kit a chance. I’m sure you’ll agree that it was well worth the investment!

    -BreAnna, SD

  6. Neyssa

    This is a wonderful resource for anyone who is starting their photography business. I cannot count how many times I have referred to this guide as I started my business 5 years ago. It helped give me the confidence I needed to put myself out there as a business woman in the photography industry.

    This is a must have and a major time saver when you’re just starting out, or if you’re fed up with your current systems.

    -Neyssa, WA
    Magical Light Course


  7. Teresa Rish

    Me Ra has a gift that needs to be shared and that is giving people confidence! I have been able to become the photographer I want after taking her Confidence Workshop 7 years ago!
    The Portrait 101 Kit is a tool that covers so much information about getting started and growing your business. This takes care of all of the overwhelming questions and frees up time to start doing what you love AND getting paid for it (if that’s your goal)!

    Portrait of Italy
    Portrait of Thailand

  8. Jill Ann

    What a blessing Me Ra is! Training with Me Ra and Brian at their Confidence Workshop was hands-down the best thing I ever did for my business and for myself! This 101 Kit was an added bonus to growing my confidence in running a successful Photography business. Me Ra explains everything in easy to understand and follow instructions. She shares straight from her heart. I was wanting to learn from another Professional Photography who already been on this journey of capturing memories for others. She is honest in sharing things that worked for her and things that didn’t.
    Throughout this 101 Kit, I connected with her on so many levels and am thankful for this invaluable resource to be at my fingertips.
    It’s like sitting down with Me Ra in your living room, asking her for business advice, and hearing what it was like for her when she started her journey.
    Order your Portrait 101 kit, grab some coffee and enjoy the journey through this awesome resource!

    Jill Ann, WI
    Magical Light Course


  9. Jen Armstrong

    One of my most favorite things about both Me Ra and Brian is the vulnerable way both she and he “learn” their way through this life and share it with everyone. They do this with life lessons as well as the lessons they’ve used to build their business. Portrait 101 Kit is just that… it is the gift of years of hard work given to anyone who wants to take advantage. The information was crucial as I began setting up my business seven years ago. Now, as I look to take my business in a new direction and refocus, I am absolutely going back to the 101 kit to get back to the basics. Me Ra and Brian provide a well-informed, safe comfort zone for you to dive in, create your mark, and further your business. Jump in, y’all. This is a valuable gift.

    Jen Armstrong, TX

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