SOAR Scholarship Lives On in Moms with Cameras and Heart!

Me Ra Koh

I’m so proud to say that after four years, small versions of the SOAR Scholarship lives on in moms with cameras and heart. If you don’t know what the SOAR! Scholarship was, you can read and watch all the videos of goodness from this two year scholarship.

SOAR Scholarship Lives On in Moms with Cameras and Heart, Me Ra Koh

We started to plan it in 2009 with our mentor Jeff Jochum and SONY.  The recession was only growing and moms were emailing me daily for ideas of how to start a small business to help pay for groceries.

The scholarship awarded three recipients with new camera gear from SONY, weekly business coaching, photography mentoring from me, products from Adobe, websites built, and much more from many other partners.  The purpose was to give three moms a chance to SOAR! with their photography dreams.  The whole year was blogged about daily so women who didn’t win could still follow along and learn to soar.

Beryl Ayn Young is one of the women who didn’t win, but she still learned to soar.  I’ve had the privilege of staying in touch with her. I even got to meet her and her family in person when we did a DC workshop a few years ago.  You may remember some of her blog posts here even.  She has grown her passion to empower women to soaring heights from being featured several times in Huffington Post to holding an incredibly healing photography workshop, Illuminate, for women who have miscarried.

Soar Scholarship, Me Ra Koh

It’s a honor to be a part of Beryl’s life.

She emailed me last week and shared some exciting news.  Inspired by her journey since applying to SOAR!, she is offering her own scholarship.  See Beryl’s Momtographie Online Scholarship Contest here and pass the word.  The due date for entering is this Thursday, January 16th.  (Beryl, thank you for helping the SOAR Scholarship live on in Moms with cameras and heart!)

If you entered the SOAR! Scholarship in 2010 or 2011, I would LOVE to hear where you are now!  I LOVE getting your email updates!  In fact, it’d be so fun to do a blog post that highlights what you are all doing now!

Ariane Hunter from 2010 emailed me a few weeks ago about how she is soaring with her business and life coaching business!  One lady opened up her own bakery, and another has become a Yoga instructor!  Many of you have started and grown your photography businesses! And a handful of you are now CONFIDENCE Teachers!

That’s what a I LOVE about CONFIDENCE.  When we get hold of confidence, it bleeds into all other areas of our heart, passion and dreams!  You never know where confidence with a camera may lead you!

Okay, seriously. I would LOVE to share with our readers what some of you are doing now!  How you are soaring!  If you applied to SOAR! in 2010 or 2011, email me your story to!  Include a photo that shows how you are soaring today!  (Size your image to 540px for the longest edge and 72dpi).  Be sure to share any websites/blogs that you’d like me to link to in the post!  I would love to share your inspiring SOAR! stories!



p.s.  Someday, sooner than later, I hope to do this special scholarship again.  I am listening for that prompt in my heart that says “It’s time.”  When I hear it, you’ll be the first to know.