Rising Phoenixes fly in from around the country to have their own FIORIA Rising Phoenix Experience. Based in Frisco, Texas, Me Ra and Brian are masters at capturing and celebrating the resilience in you. FIORIA is more than a professional photography studio. Through guided questions before the photo shoot, their team listens to discover what is most important to you in this season. Their signature method becomes a transformational, creative collaborative process where you, your family and loved ones all have a voice in the final results of what you'll see every day in your home or office, This isn't about taking a pretty Pinterest picture, this is about unearthing your true identity and purpose. Read FIORIA's many Google reviews for an idea of how transformative and custom this experience is for individuals and families.  

Get ready for your FIORIA Rising Phoenix Experience! We're going to celebrate your beauty from ashes. Graves into gardens. What's your Phoenix that has risen through the fire in you and your family? Their team will illuminate what means most because you are a work of art.

Click here to read Me Ra's Rising Phoenix story of how God took her from a locked psychiatric ward to hosting a show on Disney, being the go-to photo expert for Live with Kelly & Ryan, publishing six books and inspiring audiences worldwide. 

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Me Ra's Rising Phoenix story starts from the most humble of beginnings. Before her photography books, she published Beauty Restored, the story of piecing her life back together after being date raped in college.  Lost and alone, she slept out of her car in Seattle parking lots and eventually checked herself into a psychiatric ward in California at 19. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd be inspiring millions of viewers on Disney and talk shows, like Live with Kelly & Ryan, twenty years later.

In 2007, Sony invited her to become one of their first two women sponsored photographers. She is the author of half a dozen books and has raised two amazing kids with Brian. God still does the impossible.  No matter how deep the pain goes, God restores joy even deeper. In return, she and Brian are masters at capturing the resilient Rising Phoenix in others.  

Brian is our Lighting and in-house Design Expert. After your photo shoot and a quick lunch, you get to come back for everyone's favorite part, the Reveal and Design Session with Brian. 

His expertise in lighting and how to best display wall art adds the finishing touches that our clients love. He has created custom wall art for families around the country from Dallas Cowboy NFL Players to empty nesters downsizing.

He has also filmed, photographed and produced content for some of the world's largest brands; Sony, Target, Best Buy, Disney, Scripps Network, and more.  Brian is a walking manual for about every camera ever made. And he is the constant comedian, teacher, and historian whether he's in the studio or leading a travel photography workshop with Me Ra through Italy.  

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Sipping chartreuse and green tea while looking at the most perfect white subway tile and hand painted signs. Driving through the mountains to Portland reminiscing about the best memories back home. Cozy sweaters, vintage demin, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. The trials and tribulations of love, joy, and happiness. Lastly, champagne brunch and avocado toast while surrounded by the finest exposed brick, dreamcatchers, and maps to our souls. Dreamcatchers, macrame and 100 Days of Summer. Anthropologie trips and walks on the beach, love letters and secret admirers. Fall breeze, flannels, and hot cocoa. Whales and dinosaurs and handmade crafts. Salvage denim, antique leather bags, and the first time we watched Moonrise Kingdom. 

The slow hum of traffic and the cool breeze that signify the joy of a new day.

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