We’ve been traveling abroad as photographers and homeschoolers with our kids since first grade.  Now they're teenagers!

Join us for an “around-the-world” adventure! Our tween and teen kids, Pascaline and Blaze, host Adventure Family with us as we show you our favorite off-the-beaten path places, inspire you with photo tips, and make you laugh along the way!

The family that builds dreams together builds dreams!

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Welcome to Adventure Family

Capture, Laugh, Live

One night, when the kids were little and tucked in bed, Brian poured me a glass of wine. Then he asked me a question I’ll never forget. “We know what society expects when raising kids, but if you could create your own family culture what would you want for us?” My first thought was making the world our classroom. I had no idea how it would ever be possible financially, but dreams start by sharing them with people you trust. Years later, Adventure Family came true.

Adventure Family is for kids, parents, the classroom and those families living outside the box. Our mission is to inspire you to unplug from life’s demands and share an adventure together! And little warning, we think we’re pretty funny (especially Brian!).

WHat if you created your own family culture?

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