Your family's day-to-day life is about to change. Our team loves to do calls with the graduating senior as well as each family member, to hear what they will miss the most about their graduate. He'll miss his big sister's humor. Mom will miss hearing her voice. Dad will miss his spirit of adventure-sky's the limit! All their stories create vision for capturing your senior's story with a meaningful, unforgettable experience unlike anything you've ever seen or heard of.

The whole Family Feels It...

Rising senior Experience

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It's a challenging time, isn't it? Your senior is on the brink of adulthood, facing the pressures of high expectations. Despite their accomplishments, they often underestimate their own potential. Imagine an experience that changes how they see themselves before their next chapter of life begins. 

Imagine Your Senior Seeing Their Confidence & Believing It

Rising Senior Experience

The Rome Collection

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Take a Look Behind the Scenes

Wall Art For Your Home

Custom Designed

The Rome Collection

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Take a Look Behind the Scenes

Wall Art For Your Home

Custom Designed

Begin Your Photographic Experience 

-A product credit of $900 (weekday) 0r $500 (Saturdays) may be used toward any fine art purchase at your Reveal & Design Consultation

-Discovery Call where we discover what means most to you during this season.

-Professional Hair & Makeup

-Me Ra and Brian's creative time for a personalized studio photo shoot, capturing the essence of you.

-Cinematic presentation of your best portraits the same day.

-Custom Design Consultation where Brian helps you in the selection and creation of custom designed wall art for your home or office.

-Professional retouching to purchased portraits.

-Permanent archiving of your purchased portrait files on and off site.   

Studio Session

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$1200 Session Fee Collected at Time of Booking and Includes:

-Custom Mounted Wall Art Portraits starts at $400
-Custom Designed Albums start at $2500
-Gift Prints (matted, 8x10) $250, available as an add-on to any portrait order 
-Custom Holiday Cards or Announcements are available as an add-on to any portrait order


"Our son's passion is aviation. Me Ra had incredible ideas incorporating the airport and airplanes! What a dream! The ideas and process were absolutely amazing, but the RESULTS...ASTOUNDING! She captured our son’s personality and passions that literally brought tears to my eyes!! They display who he is, how hard he has worked, where he is headed and a reminder to his little brothers that not even the sky is the limit if you pursue your passions with all your heart."  

The Results are


Amarillys & Clint
McKinney, TX

We decided to make it a special mother/daughter weekend. Brian and Me Ra helped us with ideas of where to stay and eat, and we spent the day doing Addie's Senior Portraits.  Her Senior Portraits fill the walls of our home.  Not only was this an unforgettable weekend, but I have these beautiful portraits to look at every day."

from North Carolina."

"We Flew to Dallas 

Kathy & Addie
senior Portraits
North Carolina


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