"We had the magically fun experience of working with Me Ra for our family portraits. Me Ra perfectly captured the love and affection we have for our dog, Willow. Willow was with my husband when he was a bachelor, and at the time of our photo shoot our son had never known life without Willow. Willow passed away in June 2018. Every day we look at the treasured portraits Me Ra took of our family with Willow and our hearts fill with love. Thank you Me Ra!"

Knew Life without

"Our Son Never

Kelli & Matt
Family/Fur Baby PORTRAITs
San Francisco, CA

We decided to make it a special mother/daughter weekend.  Brian and Me Ra helped us with ideas of where to stay and eat, and we spent the day doing Addie's Senior Portraits.  Her Senior Portraits fill the walls of our home.  Not only was this an unforgettable weekend, but I have these beautiful portraits to look at every day."

from North Carolina."

"We Flew to Dallas 

Kathy & Addie
senior Portraits
North Carolina


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