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The Rome Collection

The Pienza

The Florence Collection

"Her radiant, positive spirit glows. She is professional and equipped for whatever, whenever. She pulled out lighting equipment on the riverbank once. She had it ready to go, an otherwise impossible to capture shot-- the centerpiece of our shoot. The results are true artwork and we will love these portraits forever!"

in my home
is by Me Ra."

"every single amazing photo

anne & Josh
Family Portraits
New York City

"I look at this portrait every day of my husband and son, and I just beam with joy!  Thank you, Me Ra, for capturing that perfect moment!"

we have two hanging in our home!"

"WE love this portrait so  much 

Kayla & Michael
Family Portraits
New York City

"Me Ra and Brian made it very evident how we felt about each other and our family dynamics through the photos. That's the story we really wanted to display on our walls at home--something genuine to our personal connections.  It's not just a photo...I remember telling Me Ra after that our experience made me feel even more in love with my family."

In Love with
My Family."

"Our Experience
made Me Feel MORE

Kelley & Ethan
DallAS, TX


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