What’s In My Camera Bag

  • SONY RX10III The Best Travel Camera
    Sony Artisan, Me Ra Koh, takes the Sony RX10 III, Best Travel Camera, into Thailand’s jungle to photograph Gibbon apes, white sand beaches, limestone rocks, and more! Watch her Sony RX10III camera review […]
  • How to Choose the Right Camera: SONY Cameras and Benefits
    How to choose the right camera that is best for you can feel overwhelming. There are SO MANY choices! And what’s the difference between a Crop and Full Sensor? Is a Full Sensor […]
  • First Look Photo Shoot with the Sony a7RIII for Weddings and Portraits
    It all started with a cryptic email from Sony… Sony was working on a new camera that no one knew about. The name of the camera wasn’t ever in their emails. But their […]
  • What’s in My Camera Bag for Travel Photography
    What’s in my camera bag for travel photography is a bit more intense than what I’m using when I’m shooting family portraits, as you can see from the volume of gear below. But […]
  • What’s in a Camera Bag for Beginners
    If you’re going to have a baby, take a family vacation or just love photography, but you’re just starting out “What’s in a Camera Bag for Beginners?” and “What’s a Great Starter Camera […]
  • What’s in My Camera Bag for Portraits
    FOR PORTRAIT AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Depending on what I’m shooting will determine the camera gear I bring.  “What’s in my camera bag for portraits?” is something I get asked all the time.  If […]


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