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How to Choose the Right Camera: SONY Cameras and Benefits

Me Ra Koh

How to choose the right camera that is best for you can feel overwhelming.

There are SO MANY choices! And what’s the difference between a Crop and Full Sensor? Is a Full Sensor worth the money? Sony Artisan of Imagery, Me Ra Koh, and her photographer/cinematographer husband, Brian Tausend, break down the features and benefits to a line up of Sony cameras. Scroll to the bottom for the video. This is not a paid video.

*This was a popular episode they did for their private Facebook CONFIDENCE group.

They also break down into simple language, using metaphors, the difference between crop and full sensors.  So many people understood the difference once Brian explained it with his signature quirky metaphors.

Depending on your level and photography needs, you’ll have a good sense of how to choose the right camera for you!

Sony Camera Line Up

Below are links to each Sony Alpha camera we discuss in the video with a short description of how to choose a camera that makes sense for you (and yep, they’re Amazon affiliate links–every penny counts to supporting these episodes)

Sony a6000

Best Camera for Beginners, great price point, everyone loves it! Best camera for YouTube! LOVE this mirrorless camera for beginners and hobbyists. 11 FPS (frames per second), 24 megapixels.

Sony a6300

This camera was the World’s Fastest Auto Focus before the Sony RX10iv released. Weather sealed with magnesium body. 24.2 megapixels. Incredible buy for the price point. But we still favor the a6000 camera for beginners and hobbyists.

Sony a7ii

If you can’t swing the price tag of the Sony a7rii, the Sony a7ii is a great camera for family portraits and weddings. It’s 24.3 megapixels, solid camera and isn’t going to cost as much as the Sony a7rii.

Sony a7rii 

Incredible camera for weddings, best camera for family portraits, best camera for fashion, best camera for landscape, and travel. Captures incredible detail in shadows and highlights with the 14-stop Dynamic Range. The richness in color straight out of camera is SUPERB. It has a 5-axis in-body image stabilizer for shooting in low light. ISO 102,400. 5 FPS in Continuous Shooting. 42.4 megapixels. Me Ra and Brian use this camera most for EVERY THING.

*UPDATE: The Sony a7RIII is FINALLY HERE!  CLICK HERE to see this AWE-mazing camera!!!  This is now our go-to camera body!

Sony a9

World’s First Blackout Free Camera in Continuous Shooting at 20 FPS (frames per second). INSANE! Meaning, it keeps auto focus locked making it faultless with no lag. It’s 24.2 megapixels.

Sony RX10iii

Best Camera for Travel with a 24-60mm zoom, lightweight but still a 1” CMOS sensor which means incredible quality, sharpness and color. It’s fast tracking for action at 24 FPS (frames per second), and a GREAT price point. Lightweight, compact makes it PERFECT for travel. 20.1 megapixels.

See the review Me Ra did on the RX10iii here:

Sony RX10iv

World’s Fastest Auto Focus! Newest Version with incredible sharpness, color, and speed. Perfect for soccer moms, swim events, baseball and travel. The benefit to the RX series is you never have to worry about dust in your censor. This new RX10iv may be the BEST camera for travel now.

We hope this video helps with how to choose the right camera.  As you grow as a photographer, your photography needs will grow with you.  There is a right camera for specific seasons.  Welcome to the wonderful world of photography and creativity!  We’re SO EXCITED you’re here!!!!


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How to Choose the Right Camera



  1. Gino Genova says:

    Ciao Me Ra

    What lens do you recommend for using on both Sony NEX 5N and Sony A7R iii?