Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install by Me Ra Koh

Step inside a Dallas Cowboy Family Portrait Wall Art Install, and see what it looks like to be surrounded by what means most.

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choose the best book cover

Want to vote for something fun? Help me choose the book cover for my new book! There are three options. Which one do you like best?

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Autism and Smiling at the Camera. How photographers can help families have a wonderful experience with their family portraits by Me Ra Koh. Dallas Frisco Family Photographer and Sony Artisan.

Autism and Smiling at the Camera – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh Gentle giant. Those are the words Mac’s mom used to describe her 12 yr old son with autism. Her youngest son, Gregor, is mischievous, charismatic, and loves to create worlds. Mom had reservations about the photo shoot because autism and […]

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photographing beauty on the spectrum by Me Ra Koh, Dallas Frisco Family Portrait Photographer

Scarlett walked into our studio and came right up to me. ??”I’m not sure what I think about this photo shoot.” Her eyes darted around taking in every detail. “And I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing,” she added then walked away. ??I loved her at once…

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7 Ways to Empower Your kids with Money by Me Ra Koh

What are things you wish you would have known about money when you were younger? Here are 7 ways to empower your kids with money to set them up for success!

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When I feel overwhelmed by all the uncertainity, I plunge my hands into dirt. The practice of planting, cultivating, waiting is like gardening the soul. My heart thinks it wants a crystal ball for the future, but my fortune telling never holds fortune.

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