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Tik Tok Inspired Family Portraits

Me Ra Koh

Tik Tok Inspired Family Portraits – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

You know your going to have a fun FIORIA experience when the family’s humor lends to Tik Tok inspired family portraits! Their walls were blank but not anymore! We’re so excited to share the beautiful, fun wall art that transformed the Zagumny’s home!

Family Portrait with Puppy, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

Yvonne first discovered us when she saw her friend’s wall art. She loved it and wanted to have her own family’s story on her walls. When we first talked, Yvonne told us that her oldest daughter was graduating this year and her youngest was starting high school. This season of their family is monumental.

Proud of Her Family

Before I show you the Tik Tok inspired family portraits, let me give you some wonderful backstory.

Over the last 18 months, Yvonne was proud of how her family had really come together. “We’re generally all sarcastic,” she said, “Our oldest is leaving home soon. Todd and I are going to have our 20 year anniversary next year, and we’re still laughing. It feels good to know we came through COVID, and we’re all still cool with one another. We’re still laughing.”

Heart of Their Marriage

With a 20 year anniversary coming up, we had to do a Discovery Call about their marriage! Yvonne said Todd always swoops in to help. He’s sensitive to how much she does and can tell when it all becomes too much. She told us this beautiful example of how she was having a tough day. Yvonne was pacing in her office, and Todd slipped in to ask if everything was okay. She answered, “Not okay.” He quietly slipped out, went to the store and got her flowers, dinner and wine. AMAZING!!!

He helps her decompress and laugh. We did a call with Paige, their oldest, graduating senior, and asked what she loves most about her parents. “They joke around a lot together. They think they’re hilarious. Mom is the cuddlier one and gets a hug every night.”

All these wonderful details inspired how we photographed them!

Yvonne wanted to see their laughter and joking displayed in the entryway so she could see always see it from her desk in the home office.

Tik Tok Inspired Family Portraits

We also discovered that the girls love to share Tik Tok videos with each other. They’ll be cracking up, then dad will look up from his phone. “He’s like ‘you guys are idiots’ and then just starts laughing. But he’s still the outsider,” said Yvonne. LOL! There was no question, we had to do a Tik Tok Family Portrait!

Tik Tok Family Portrait, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

Honestly, we had to do a couple Tik Tok family portraits! LOL! And we had the BEST time!

I’m telling you, taking time to learn all that we do before the photo shoot is the BEST inspiration for how to capture the uniqueness of every family!

Tik Tok Family Portrait, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

Transforming the House into a Home

Their collection with Laurel, the puppy, is above the fireplace. But look to the left! That’s where the big Tik Tok inspired family portrait went!

See the Before…

See the After!

Tik Tok Family Portrait, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

Displaying a Visual Narrative of Who You Are

Isn’t it amazing to see?!

When family and friends walk into their home, the first thing they see is the fantastic HUMOR of this family! How can you not love a BIG family portrait of everyone laughing over Tik Tok videos! Seeing Yvonne and Todd laughing in the upper right corner is the BEST too! Brian helps every family custom design wall art for their home. The Zagumny’s LOVE how their designs came together!

Paige, Their Graduating Senior

We dedicated the end of the photo shoot to Paige. But beforehand, we did a couple Discovery Calls to find out what the family loves most about Paige. When the family came back for their Cinematic Reveal and saw this portrait, Sara said, “Paige! You look like a freaking super model!” (best sister response ever!)

Dad said Paige is smart, responsible, and he never has to worry about her getting into trouble. Mom loves that she’s not afraid to lead. She takes care of things and has empathy to those around her. When I talked with Paige, I asked her what she loves about herself. I loved her answers! “I’m a Type A Planner but flexible too.” She listens to people, checks in on them. And her mom has always been jealous of her thick hair. Loved that last one so much.

Custom Folio Box with Her Fine Art Senior Prints!

Everything we do at FIORIA is custom from the phone calls to the shoot to the artwork you order. For seniors, we offer custom albums or folio boxes. Look at this beautiful custom folio box we did for Paige! Her name and Class of 2022 is engraved on the top. Inside it holds all her favorite Senior Portraits with a glass engraved USB of the digital portraits. Isn’t this so fun?!

What Her Younger Sister Said

Sara is definitely the most sarcastic one in the family, but she was incredibly genuine when we talked about her sister. She said that she loves how smart Paige is, and she’s willing to help her because Paige’s been through it. Laughing together and especially finding ways to embarrass Paige, is one of Sara’s favorite things about their relationship. She said she’s going to miss driving around, laughing and getting food together.

What Paige Said about Sara

That heading “What Paige said about Sara” sounds like the beginning of a gossip column! But these are wonderful words this older sister had to share. Paige admires how outgoing and confident Sara is. “She will wear what she wants, and I’m more reserved. Sara is never not joking around. But most of all, Sara is way more cuddly, always asking for a hug. And I love that about her.”

Window into Sara

Her mom said, “Sara doesn’t give a sh$%. She sticks up for the kids that get picked on. And she does what she wants to do. She is my brave child.” You can just see the BRAVERY in her eyes!

Isn’t it amazing how you can have two children that are both confident leaders, yet they express their confidence in completely different ways?

“Sara brings the funny,” added mom. “She is loud, sarcastic and incredibly funny.”

Mom decided to design a beautiful “mother daughter” wall art collection in her home office. She can look up from her desk at any time and see her girls! Scroll down to see!

We Can’t Forget about Laurel, the Puppy!

Everyone in the family LOVES Laurel! She was instrumental during COVID’s lock down. Mom loves how this little, four legged friend got the family to go out for walks every evening. They even started calling it “our family walks”.

She’s a rescue dog, but in many ways she rescued them during COVID bringing love and comfort to the whole family.

Family Portrait with Puppy, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

And mom has someone to snuggle with since the girls are getting older and leaving home soon. I know a lot of us moms can relate to that!

Portrait of a Puppy, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh, a luxury photography experience for family and women

What Mom Said After the Install…

THANK YOU for a family picture experience!

Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend spent time with each member of our family to learn about each of us, our relationships with one another and even little Laurel! With that type of insider knowledge they were able to capture the most fun, genuine and memorable moments.

We have three collections of pictures up in the house – one of the girls and me in my office (LOVE!!),

How to display your family portraits by Me Ra Koh, FIORIA, a Luxury Photographic Experience that Celebrates the Resilience of Families and Women

a set in our family room showcasing our family and Laurel, our lil puppy and a third in our entry way with the most fun picture capturing our goofy dynamic and mild obsession with our phones.

Thank you for the attention detail from the getting to know us phone calls to a super fun photo session to a literally jaw dropping photo reveal – this truly was so much more than “getting our family pictures taken” – this was an experience and we are so grateful to have these beautiful collections of pictures to fill our home

So many beautiful pictures – thank you Me Ra & Brian!!!!!

To the Zagumny family, thank YOU for the honor of capturing your unique, wonderful connections! For the laughter, the fun, and the Tik Tok inspired family portraits! I love how much joy and laughter is in the entryway collection, setting the tone and narrative of what to expect in your home! Can’t wait to get together!

Begin Your FIORIA Experience

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