Photo Tips

Family Photography: 14 Ways to Capture Dad’s Story

Me Ra Koh

In family photography, to capture the ever evolving story of dad is a powerful thing. Consider all that happens in one man’s heart as he walks through the many chapters of being a dad.  If there was every a story to capture with your camera, dad’s story is a great one.

He will hold him tight when he’s a helpless newborn.  He will raise him to his shoulders when he becomes a toddler.  He will run behind her bike and bravely let go of her seat at the perfect moment.  He will put his arm around her when teenage years are hard.  And in years to come, he will proudly walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Here are 14 ways to capture dad’s story in family photography.  Be inspired!

See 14 Ways to Capture Dad's Story through family photography by Me Ra Koh