FIORIA Makes Frisco Life Magazine Cover!

Me Ra Koh

FIORIA Makes Frisco Life Magazine Cover – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

Look what showed up at my front door! FIORIA and our NEW Portrait of a Phoenix Experience made the cover of Frisco Life magazine!

Fioria makes Frisco Life magazine cover! by Me Ra Koh

There is a beautiful 6-page spread article that shares the heart behind FIORIA, Rising Phoenix stories, and more! I’m so excited for you to read it!

Really Fun Back Story!

Frisco Life magazine is a beautiful local publication. There is a great backstory to how we met Frisco Life and eventually made the cover!

I was first introduced to the magazine almost two years ago when I attended the Ladies Who Launch luncheon by Frisco Arts. Their guest speaker was Becka Brady, the publisher of Frisco Life magazine. I was so moved by her story of not only surviving but overcoming abusive relationships, finding her voice, and funneling her passion into Frisco Life.

Photo: Vanessa Corral

During COVID, Becka was kind enough to host weekly zoom sessions for local business owners. In one those zoom meetups, I met Katelin Schebler, owner of Culture: A Day Spa. When her spa opened back up, I went and tried their Himalayan Stone Massage. OMG! Brian and I consider ourselves “spa-snobs” because we’ve tried so many around the world.

When we were traveling extensively filming Adventure Family, we tried our best to treat our bodies to a massage. We’ve had massages in exotic places like Egypt, as well as big cities like NYC and LA. Thai massages overlooking the ocean are by far our favorite. But Culture: A Day Spa blew my mind! It was one of the BEST massages and spa experiences I’ve ever had. I wanted all my friends and clients to experience the same thing!

Coming Full Circle with Inspiration

That’s why we offer our Rising Phoenixes the opportunity to start their whole FIORIA experience with a VIP spa evening at Culture! Isn’t it amazing how life comes full circle in the most unexpected ways? You never know how someone is going to impact your life. I met Becka Brady when Tammy Meinershagen interviewed her at the Frisco Arts luncheon. Then I met Katelin Schebler through Becka’s Frisco Life zoom meetups. And now we’re offering our new Portrait of a Phoenix experience with all these beautiful, powerful women as partners!

When you book a Gold or Diamond Phoenix package, it includes a VIP Phoenix Spa Evening at Culture: A Day Spa.

Becka saw my video about the launch of FIORIA and the Portrait of a Phoenix Experience. She was so moved by the story and purpose behind FIORIA, she reached out and said she’d like to talk about FIORIA being the cover for Frisco Life magazine! What a HUGE honor! Frisco Arts and Sony are also sponsors for the Rising Phoenix exhibit we’re building up too!

Inspiration Feeds Inspiration

I was first inspired by Becka’s story. Almost two years later, she was inspired by mine. And now, we are spreading inspiration to thousands of local families in Frisco!

One more fun connection! All of this started because my AWE-mazing Hair & Makeup Stylist, Ginger, told me to check out Frisco Arts in the first place! Thank you Ginger!

Spotlight Stories of YOU in the Article

My favorite thing about our six page article is that it doesn’t focus on the craft of photography or even me. It focuses on YOU! I shared a handful of YOUR stories, ways you and your family chose to rise from the ashes. YOU inspire me! FIORIA is here because of YOU!

Fioria makes Frisco Life magazine cover! by Me Ra Koh

On May 18th we launched our new brand, FIORIA. Brian and I have been in the photography business for almost twenty years. At this stage in our career, we know what gets us out of bed every morning. We know what inspires our FIORIA team. It’s the opportunity to celebrate the resilience in you and your family! It’s to hear your stories and create beautiful custom artwork that will bring you life and joy every time you see it on the walls of your home.

Fioria makes Frisco Life magazine cover! by Me Ra Koh

If you haven’t received your copy of FIORIA making the cover of Frisco Life magazine, CLICK HERE to enjoy it!

What is a Phoenix Experience?

Have you been wanting to do something transformational just for you?

Fioria makes Frisco Life magazine cover! by Me Ra Koh

If you are overwhelmed with all the reasons why you shouldn’t spend time or money on yourself, I want you to pause and think of all the obstacles you have overcome in your life.

Have you achieved a weight goal, overcome a serious illness, been promoted in your career, or found healing from something painful in your past? Or maybe you’re turning 50 and feel the need to reflect on who you are and what this next season of your life has in store for you? 

The first step is to fill out this Phoenix form. CLICK HERE.

Meet Kristina who overcame cancer—not once, but twice. Even though she was thankful to have defeated this enemy, she struggled with seeing the scar that remained. Once she stopped to think about all of the incredible obstacles she has overcome, she realized that now was the time to celebrate the strong woman she is today. The Phoenix Portrait Experience allowed her to celebrate not only the healing but also embrace this scar. Now every morning Kristina wakes up to see that brave, powerful woman on her bedroom wall. Nothing will ever stand in her way again.

Crystal drove to us from Las Vegas.

A single woman who has always been known for being responsible and quiet, yet there is another side of her that wants to come out. A side that is brave and takes risks—that believes she is worthy of doing something special not just for others but for herself too. Every time Crystal looks up from her computer in her home office, she wants to be reminded of that part of her who is beautiful and brave.

Both these women have something in common, they were ready to …

Rise above the ashes of what other people have said
Rise above their fear and doubts
Rise above what life has thrown at them

… and embrace their beautiful Rising Phoenix within.

Through our Portrait of a Phoenix Experience, they not only did something special but transformational.

I want to invite you to experience it too!

The Portrait of a Phoenix Experience includes:

  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • Wardrobe Consultation & Vision
  • Phoenix Photo Shoot with Me Ra Koh (Sony Artisan, Disney Host, and Live with Kelly & Ryan Guest Expert—You’re in good hands. I will pose you, drop shadows and light on you in the most flattering way that radiates your Phoenix Rising.)
  • Reveal & Custom Design Session with our In-House Design Specialist
  • Beautiful Artwork of Your Phoenix Rising, Custom Designed for the Best Place where it will Speak Truth to You Every Day.

CLICK HERE to fill out the form and begin your Phoenix Experience!

Can’t wait to speak soon,
Me Ra Koh