Photography Exhibit in Natural History Museum!

Me Ra Koh

Not only is the Natural History Museum one of the COOLEST places on earth, but to be featured in a photography exhibit in Natural History Museum..this amazing space…is a honor beyond words!  Duggal did all the printing, and they also put together this fun video of interviews with the SONY Artisans of Imagery.  We’re talking about our exhibited work and fun photography advice.

The photography that I had on exhibit was a series from our month in Egypt.

It’s a huge honor to share this particular collection from Egypt.  We went as a family to film another side of the revolution.  (You know, just a normal family trip together.  Filming a revolution in the Middle East.  LOL!)  It was a life changing experience, and our daughter can talk Middle East politics with the best of them.

You can see all the images I had on exhibit here.