FIORIA Branding & Headshot Experience: DEPOSIT

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FIORIA’s Branding & Headshot Experience has helped our clients get their executive dream job, launch books, take their business to the next level and provide a confidence they never thought possible. What do you want your ideal client to feel when…

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Welcome to Your FIORIA Branding & Headshot Experience

You have once chance to make a first impression.

Our clients have told us their FIORIA Branding & Headshots helped land their dream executive job or promotions, a keynote speaking engagement, and most of all, attracted more of their ideal client.

What do you want your audience and ideal client to feel about you when they first see your headshot on LinkedIn or your website? We have a handful of branding specific questions to help answer this.

Schedule a Discovery Branding Call, and our FIORIA team will help you dig into these answers with thoughtful questions to create branding & headshots that attract the clients you want.

You’re not only working with professional photographers, but Brian and Me Ra’s wealth of expertise and experience spanning twenty years in building a national brand as small business owners, landing partnerships with household brands like Sony and Target, being the Closing Keynote for conferences nationwide, and publishing six bestselling books. How you visually communicate a message is their expertise.

Your Signature Branding & Headshot Experience Includes;

-Professional Hair & Makeup the morning of your photo shoot at the studio.
-In depth Discovery Branding Call and planning session to learn more about you, your work, the ideal client you want to attract, platforms to market, and what you want to communicate most.
-Wardrobe Consultation
-Me Ra and Brian’s creative time to capture your best-self in studio.
-3-4 wardrobe changes to capture the many sides of you and your brand
-light lunch to enjoy as we prepare your Cinematic Presentation.
-Cinematic Presentation of your best portraits to choose from the same day as the shoot
-Professional retouching to all purchased headshots and branding portraits.  In addition, they are sized for print and also formatted for social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
-Four professionally retouched headshot / branding photos. Additional retouched photos are available to order at $350 each.
-Permanent archiving of your purchased portraits on and off site.
-Depending on your line of work, we encourage a minimum of five different looks.

To Secure Your Date

  1. Choose “Full Payment” of $2100 by selecting the box above.
  2. Or pay 30% / $700 by clicking the drop down arrow above. Pay the remaining balance on the day of your shoot.

FIORIA Branding & Headshot Experience $2100.

We look forward to serving you through this empowering, custom, thorough experience!

FIORIA Branding & Headshot Experience by Me Ra Koh

About Me Ra Koh

FIORIA Branding & Headshot Experience by Me Ra Koh in Frisco, TX

Me Ra is one of the original select Sony Artisans of Imagery since 2007. Hailed by The New York Times, host of Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh on Disney, and the go-to guest photo expert for Oprah’s Nate Berkus and Live with Kelly and Ryan. She has photographed a wide range of subjects from the royal princess of Thailand to camel camp owners in Egypt to the beauty of disabled children to local heroes. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and master storyteller. Me Ra is passionate about capturing the essence of who you are and how you make the world a better place.





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