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5 Last Minute Gifts for Photo Loving Moms!

Me Ra Koh

Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you?  Not to late!  Here are 5 Last Minute Gifts for Photo Loving Moms!

photos of moms all over the world, Me Ra Koh

(sneak peak image from a photo shoot of one of the most beautiful moms in all of Thailand)

After all, is there anything comparable to a mama’s love?

(fyi, they 5 gifts appear in order of urgency, depending on how “last minute” you are when you read this!  We’ve got you covered!)

1. Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box, download TODAY!

Instructional Photography DVD series, Me Ra Koh

If you are reading this the morning of Mother’s Day, and you know you are in deep trouble, you can still win!  Purchase our downloadable, award winning DVDs, Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box.  Or save money when you purchase the complete set!  She’ll be inspired before nightfall, and you will remain her hero!

2. Gift of Confidence, Photography Workshop for Women (see below for a list of all our May/June workshops!)

Cathy Mores Photography workshops for womenIf you want to BLOW HER SOCKS OFF, sign her up for a CONFIDENCE Workshop!  Our teachers are not only amazing photographers but trained, passionate teachers.  Their photo tips and beautiful photography has been published in magazines, appeared on TV and more!  See why 200 women have come through our teachers’ workshops in only the first 18 months!

This great, behind-the-scenes photo was taken by Cathy Mores, our KS teacher.  See below for a list of all our teachers and upcoming May/June Workshops!

3.  Your Baby in Pictures

Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh

If you know a mom who is in the throws of her baby’s first year, check out my first book in the series, Your Baby in Pictures.  See why 80 readers have given it a 5 star review on Amazon!  And if you have Amazon Prime, your book will be to you within a couple days!





4. Your Child in Pictures

Your child in pictures by Me Ra Koh

If you know a mom who has a child between one and ten years old, Your Child in Pictures, is just for her!  This is my latest book in the series, and it already has forty star reviews!  Get her the set of both books, and who knows how many points you’ll earn with her!
5. Breakthrough Photo Critique Session with Me Ra

Photo Critiques with Me Ra Koh

Do you know a mom who loves taking photos but is incredibly critical of what she shoots?  She is her worst critic, picking apart every photo.  If yes, give her the gift of a Breakthrough Photo Critique Session with me!  I take three critiques a month, and I would love the honor of helping her find breakthrough in her creativity, in defeating the self critic, and more!  We can start her photo critique when I’m back from the jungle and able to get online again!  Plan on me contacting her around May 20th!  Keep reading for all the details;

Each month, Me Ra gives a limited number of photo critique sessions.  These are private, one-on-one sessions that empower you to breakthrough the creative and technical barriers your photography can’t seem to get past.

Your critique session will include feedback in four different categories:

1. Counsel on Technical Skills, Camera Settings and Specific Troubleshooting
2. Direction for Improvement on Capturing Magical Lighting
3. Feedback on Creative Composition
4. Action Steps for Stronger Story Telling

All you have to do is submit 3-5 photos to Me Ra Koh. Include any comments or questions with your photos. Me Ra will then give you a full critique that is either written or audio/video, covering the four categories above.

Private critique sessions with Me Ra are $300.
To learn more about the critique sessions her teachers offer at $150-$250, click here.  Each teacher offering critiques has completed forty hours of specified Critique Training with Me Ra.

What Me Ra’s Critique Students say:

I never knew how people got pictures like this but I have always loved the drama. I was excited to give this picture a try and saw an opportunity in my daughter’s room when she was sneaking a peek at the neighbor boys when she was supposed to be napping. I am really loving this class! Can you tell?!  Sorry I submitted 5 photos but they are all using things that I have learned, and I was excited to share!   -Emily

Wow! Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. I am blown away! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I just need to read it 100 more times!! These are exactly the things I think I had in my head but no idea how to get them out. -Kerri

This has been amazing and refreshingly positive!   Jennelle

My vision for this picture was the unbreakable bond the sisters have and how the older is always protecting her younger sister. The shadows really added so much depth to the story. Thank you for opening my eyes to using shadows!   -Colleen



May 10th with Nicole in Bismark, North Dakota

May 17th with Jill Ann in Dallas, Texas

May 17th with Allison in Leesburg, Virginia

May 17th with Nikki in Seattle, WA

May 24th with Janna in Dallas, Texas

May 31st with Laura in Christiansburg, Virginia

May 31st with Amy in Las Vegas, Nevada

May 31st with Neyssa on Eastside of Seattle, Washington

May 31st with Janna in Dallas, Texas

June 14th with Cathy in Topeka, Kansas

June 21st with Tina in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 21st with Summie in Edmond, Oklahoma


June 1st with Neyssa on Eastside of Seattle, Washington

June 21st with Cathy in Topeka, Kansas

Confidence with Your Camera Gives a Lifetime of Reward!