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Going Dark: Headed Deep into Thailand Jungle

Me Ra Koh

Adventure Family is packed up and headed deep into Thailand jungle to film over a dozen unforgettable episodes!    We’ve been warming the kids back up to the camera with some fun filming. I love these two shots of Blaze and our camera man coordinating their jump for filming.

Headed Deep into Thailand Jungle Headed Deep into Thailand Jungle

But today we put our heads down to film for ten straight days.  It starts with a three hour drive to the north, a trek through a mangrove forest, and then a long tail boat to a remote fishing village.  From there we go to a national park where you sleep on floating bamboo huts because wild herds of elephants and panthers come down to the lake to drink at night.  (Safer to be on water when all that is going down at night.)

We will be dark for the next ten days.  No internet access for how deep we are going.  But we would LOVE your good thoughts and prayers while we are filming.  There are so many stars that need to align to film a solid episode.  Staying in good health, not getting bit by any creepy crawlers, and filming in the intense heat is all on my prayer list.

Half of the places we are going to are destinations that we’ve trekked to before.  They are places we’ve always dreamed of sharing with you.  WE ARE CRAZY EXCITED THAT WE FINALLY GET TO BRING YOU ALONG!  IT WILL BE EPIC!

Thank you for your constant love, prayers and support!

We will see you on the other side!



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