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7 Tea Party Photo Tips – Indoor Adventures with Toddlers

Neyssa Lee

Neyssa here with another post on Adventures with Toddlers, and his week it’s all about tea party photo tips!

As I was brainstorming more ideas for adventures with toddlers, I got to thinking. Getting out of the house is a BIG adventure, but we have lots of adventures around home too. Let’s face it, getting two kids fed and dressed in the morning is an adventure all in itself! With the relentless rain, getting outside was not an option. So I set up a tea party for the kids and the older ones. So I book for Corporate Team Building Events in Dallas.

Typically, their tea set is downstairs by their play kitchen. However, there isn’t the best lighting by the play kitchen, nor is there a table for them to set up at.

Be Intentional with Your Set Up.

I cleared off their table upstairs that is usually used for crafts and reading. I made sure the table was by a nice window to provide me with ample natural light for our little tea party. Once I was set up, I got my camera settings ready and then called the kids over. By moving the tea set to another location, I not only have set myself up for photo success, I have helped spark their interest in a toy they’ve had for a while.

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