Taking Photos of Bubbles in the Snow! Try it with your kids! It's a fun, creative exercise that everyone will love! from Me Ra Koh, Disney's Photo Mom

Taking photos of bubbles is always fun in the summer! But have you ever tried taking photos of frozen bubbles? Imagine Taking Photos Below Zero Degrees! Wendy Huddleston-Bloohm layered up with her husband and son to brave -21 degrees in Wisconsin.  Yes, -21 degrees! Together, they had a blast FREEZING the action…like literally FREEZING! This […]

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How to Take Portraits with Christmas Lights, Me Ra Koh and her Adventure Family show you in this LIVE video

The whole family teaches LIVE photo tips on How to Take Magical Portraits with Christmas Lights! If you enjoyed last year’s episode, you’ll LOVE this year’s video tutorial! First, we walk you through a 3-step process (sharing our best tips and tricks) to add more and more magic to your portraits with Christmas Lights so […]

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Magical Light for Photos

Dramatically change your photos with light! Discover 13 Different Types of Magical Light for Photos with Me Ra Koh. Side light, rim light, backlight are a few! No lighting equipment required!

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Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips

Neyssa here with 7 Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips (especially for those of you with toddlers)! It’s October which means its time for trips to the pumpkin patch. This past weekend my family made our annual trip to a local farm, giving me the perfect opportunity to put together these seven pumpkin patch photo tips for you! […]

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Leading Lines in your photos

Hi! I’m CONFIDENCE teacher Cathy Mores, here today to share 10 ways to create leading lines in your photos! Leading lines can be one of the most fun elements of composing your photo story. Think of leading lines as the elements surrounding our subject that help draw us in to the photograph, and tell our […]

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There are secrets to capturing your favorite family portrait! Here is one of my favorite photo tips and my latest favorite family portrait of OUR family!

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