photographing toddlers at the playground

Neyssa here sharing the secrets for photographing toddlers at the playground. With summer approaching and nicer days ahead, the playground is regular adventure for the kids and I. It’s the perfect escape from the house and it wears down the kids so they go to bed at a regular time. What I truly love about […]

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tea party photo tips

Neyssa here with another post on Adventures with Toddlers, and his week it’s all about tea party photo tips! As I was brainstorming more ideas for adventures with toddlers, I got to thinking. Getting out of the house is a BIG adventure, but we have lots of adventures around home too. Let’s face it, getting […]

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photographing toddlers in the library

This time we are photographing toddlers in the library – because that’s obviously the first place you think to go with two rowdy tots! Greetings to all my friends with toddlers!  It’s Neyssa, here with another toddler adventure post. On a recent trip with the kids, I was reminded of how much I love photographing in […]

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Photo Tips for Capturing Adventures with Toddlers

This is Neyssa Lee, Confidence Workshop teacher from Seattle’s Eastside!  I’ve put together five photo tips for capturing adventures with toddlers! Having toddlers can make any outing feel like an adventure (for better or worse, right?!).  Let’s talk about how you can capture this fleeting time in their lives! On a recent adventure with my family,  we […]

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Photographing kids in the snow

I’m one of Me Ra’s trained, certified CONFIDENCE teacher Cathy Mores, with my favorite 8 photo tips for photographing kids in the snow this winter! It seems like we have all had our share of snow lately, haven’t we? For some of our kiddos, this winter is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Seeing their reactions to […]

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How to Photograph Your Child and Their Valentine, Me Ra Koh

Do your kids have a special item they can’t live without? I call these loveys. Learn how to photograph your child and their valentine –their lovey.  

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