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7 Secrets for Photographing Toddlers at the Playground by Neyssa Lee

Neyssa Lee

Neyssa here sharing the secrets for photographing toddlers at the playground. With summer approaching and nicer days ahead, the playground is regular adventure for the kids and I. It’s the perfect escape from the house and it wears down the kids so they go to bed at a regular time. What I truly love about adventures at the playground is that they are just that for my kids – adventures. I see the little human beings they are becoming as they venture out into the “world.” You can see them interact (or not) with the other kids, trying something new, pretending to be pirates or race car drivers,. But mostly, you see them just being kids.

1. Look for Shapes and Textures.

The playground is full of great shapes and textures to help toddlers explore and learn. However, I see the shapes and textures as helping me take better photos! You can use the textures to add interest to your photo, or use the shapes to frame your image, like I’ve done here. Milo was climbing the ladder and I loved how I could get above him and use the octagon to pull focus even more on him. Notice the bars acting as leading lines too?!  (Bonus Tip: Be sure to enlist a helper.  Having another adult spot your toddler is a must if they are as active as mine!)

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  1. laura says:

    neyssa, these are great suggestions. thanks so much. even as a grandma, i often take the kids to the park and i love these ideas. laura

  2. Me Ra says:

    I LOVED this Neyssa!!!! And it’s the PERFECT post to start up again after being in the jungle because life with toddlers is like a jungle without question!!! My favorite is Number 1 and Number 6. Super creative point of view on Number 1, and I just ADORE the story, lighting, composition of Number 6. Felt like you were talking about Pascaline ten years ago. Got to love our strong willed girls! 🙂


  3. Neyssa says:

    Thank you Laura!

    Me Ra, as usual, thank you for such wonderful compliments. I had so much fun capturing the kids at the playground. It is one of our favorite adventures! And yes, you have to love those strong willed girls! They are the best!