Photo Tips

How To Increase Magic in Portraits with Christmas Lights

Me Ra Koh

The whole family teaches LIVE photo tips on How to Take Magical Portraits with Christmas Lights!

If you enjoyed last year’s episode, you’ll LOVE this year’s video tutorial!

First, we walk you through a 3-step process (sharing our best tips and tricks) to add more and more magic to your portraits with Christmas Lights so you can take great photos in front of the Christmas tree. We share our camera settings, how to adjust lighting in your home to create a dreamy feel, and more!

To skip the greetings and dive into the content, jump to 8:25!

Next, Pascaline, our 16 year old daughter, walks you through her favorite way to take portraits with Christmas Lights (jump to 29:40 for her ideas). She recently used this method for a new album cover that she shot of a local musician. Pascaline also shows you how she poses her subjects and sets up the Christmas Lights in a specific way to get her own dreamy look and feel!  I think she stole the show.  I told her when she was 14 years old that if she paid for half of her college, dad and I would pay for the rest.  A couple weeks later she came back to me and said “I figured out how to save my half.  I’m going to launch my own Senior Portrait Photography business.”  And she did!  You’ll love learning from her!  See more of her work by clicking here.

Even our golden retriever, Rosie, jumps in for a few portraits with Christmas Lights!

Get out your camera, plug in the Christmas lights, and let’s have some fun!

For more fun and photo tips on taking photos with Christmas lights, CLICK HERE!


Merry Christmas from the Adventure Family!

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