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7 Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips – by Neyssa Lee

Neyssa Lee

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Neyssa here with 7 Pumpkin Patch Photo Tips (especially for those of you with toddlers)!

It’s October which means its time for trips to the pumpkin patch. This past weekend my family made our annual trip to a local farm, giving me the perfect opportunity to put together these seven pumpkin patch photo tips for you!

For Milo, the highlight of going to the pumpkin patch was not picking pumpkins, but getting to ride in a big “trailer” (or wagon) pulled by a tractor. By the looks of excitement on the other kids faces, I’d say this was the highlight for many kids. The tractor ride is a part of the adventure to the pumpkin patch.

Capture the Ride.

I realize that not all pumpkin patches have big tractors, but many have mini trains, ponies, or other fun ways to get to the pumpkins. Even a ride in the wheelbarrow is exciting for young kids! The sun was bright so I had my family sit on the side of the tractor that put the sun on their backs. I just love how Grandma and Auntie are watching the kids for their reaction and Milo was watching the pumpkins go by and the wheels turn. I know this ride will be one he talks about for weeks.


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