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Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Me Ra Koh

I’m excited to share my photo tips from Live with Kelly and Ryan!

This is my third time on their show, and it’s always a fun adventure!  This time was no different!  Lol!  This is Ryan Seacrest trying to keep a 70lb Pitbull on stage while we’re live!  🙂

Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

Ryan tries giving Chase treats to keep him on the bed.

Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

And he keeps trying, while I share photo tips with Kelly and the audience!  LOL!  This is my favorite!  Cracks me up!

Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

6.25 Minutes in Slow Motion

There is nothing like demonstrating and teaching photo tips on live TV.  I can’t think of anything else I do for work that has the same degree of high pressure, intense speed, and as much reward.  Four million viewers are watching, along with a live audience, now add in a dog…you have no idea what is going to actually go down.

Even though my photo tip segment was only 6.25 minutes, it all happened in slow motion in my brain.

In my peripheral view, I see and hear Gelman off to the side saying “Take Another Picture!” and then I hear him laugh which brings me a moment of relief.

Then I see my producer, Ed, holding up a cue card with the next photo tip.  But the dog is running off stage. LOL!

I share another photo tip with Kelly as Ryan wrangles the dog back on stage.

Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

We need to wrap up the segment.  I finish hitting all my photo tips.  And then I have Ryan and Kelly sit on either side of the dog.  Just as I snap the shot, the dog turns to Kelly and drops drool down the middle of her dress.

Watch Me Ra Koh Demonstrate Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

I think the surprise drool inspired her great smile in this shot!

“Cut!  That’s it!” I hear someone say.  And Kelly is the most amazing of us all because she just laughs it off with me and the audience.

This was also my first time working with Ryan Seacrest, and I was so impressed.  There are some celebrities who will look right past you, but Ryan was so kind and genuine.

One of the reasons I LOVE working with this show is their goal to bring joy to viewers.  They want to inspire you with tips, but they also want to make you smile and laugh.  Out of the three episodes I’ve done, Kelly Ripa has always impressed me with her attitude of not taking herself to serious.  And how can you not love that?!

Do you like behind-the-scene moments?

I posted a series of fun behind-the-scene moments in my Instagram stories highlight called “Live with Kelly”.

Here is how to find them:

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Right above my photos, you’ll see a circle called Live with Kelly.  See how I’ve highlighted it for you below?  Click on that for a bunch of fun moments we captured during rehearsals, backstage, the show, and more!

Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan

HUGE thanks to the Live with Kelly and Ryan show for having me back again!  I can’t wait to join you for another fun photo tip adventure!

Thank you to Sony for helping me get back to NYC in time for the show!

What Camera and Lens was I Using?

For all my camera lovers out there, I was shooting with the Sony a7RIII camera and my favorite lens, the 24-70mm f/2.8 GM.  Having mirrorless technology makes ALL the difference when I get one shot and 4M viewers see it!  I’m able to shoot in manual mode and not have to guess or hold my breath to see if I have enough light or focus.  (Thank you Sony!)  See what’s in my Camera Bag under our FAQ or CLICK HERE. Scroll down to for links to all the camera gear I use, including what I used on the show.

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Me Ra Koh Demonstrates Pet Photo Tips on Live with Kelly and Ryan