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New Frisco Portrait Photography Studio

Me Ra Koh

Brian and I are excited to announce our new Frisco Portrait Photography Studio!

We’ve been working on our Frisco portrait photography studio for a year, and it’s finally official! Our brand is evolving from global to super local, and we are thrilled!

Three Big Giveaways!

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Fine Art Baby Portraits by Me Ra Koh Portraits in Frisco, Texas

We Help Clients Plan a Weekend Getaway in Dallas!

If you’re not familiar with North Dallas, Texas, we’re located about thirty minutes away from DFW Airport, Love Field Airport, downtown Dallas, and only five minutes from The Star (the Dallas Cowboys’ new headquarters and practice stadium surrounded by chic shops and restaurants).

They come to our Frisco portrait photography studio to have an unforgettable photographic experience with us, and then we send them to all our favorite restaurants, shopping and best hotel suggestions! Dallas may not have the mountains and trees we love in Seattle, but Texans are the friendliest and masters of shopping and eating!

Our Hearts’ Mission

Through our photographic experience, couples and families develop deeper connections that lead to stronger marriages, families and communities. This is our mission. We start with the end in mind. We are a boutique, high-touch portrait studio specializing in capturing the spirit of your family, which is then transformed into custom designed fine art collections displayed in your home and office.  This is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Three Problems We Solve for You

Everyone wants to have beautiful family portraits on their wall, but the process is overwhelming. At Me Ra Koh Portraits, we solve three problems for you. Firstly, we help you choose which portraits to print to tell the best visual story. Secondly, everyone receives an in-person custom design consultation to determine the best way to display your portraits. Lastly, now you have your portraits but installing them may cause a few heated arguments with your spouse. We got you! Our experienced team will come to your home and install your new fine art for you.

Every Wall in Your Home Sings a Visual Story

Experience the new Frisco portrait photography studio by Me Ra Koh Portraits where capturing Fine Art of your family to display on your walls at home and office are the focus.

These three services are part of the high touch experience our new Frisco Portrait Photography Studio provides. Every wall in our own home sings a visual story. We love having people over and watching them take in all the wall art, the emotion, and the expressions of life, hope and joy we treasure. This magic is what we help every client experience in their own home.

Your Photographic Experience is Rich in Reward

When a family reaches out to us, we take the time to discover who they are as a family, as individuals, as a marriage, or as a graduating senior. Then they come to our studio for the photo shoot. Everything we’re shooting and filming is anchored in what they’ve shared with us. Every photo shoot is customized for each family. After the photo shoot, they go grab lunch or dinner while we set up a cinematic experience for them! I think this is everyone’s favorite part. After eating, they come back to see their best portraits from our time together! Same day, friends! It’s so EXCITING!

Experience Me Ra Koh Portraits where capturing Fine Art of your family to display on your walls at home and office are the focus.

Every Client Receives a Custom Experience

There are often tears, laughter, and deep silence as you see your family’s spirit reflected in the portraits. In other words, this is not a picture perfect Pinterest story, but even better: this is your story. Brian and I help you narrow down your favorites and custom design fine art for specific walls in your home.

Six-Year-Old Boy’s Testimony

Just this week we had a client post this on Facebook. The response of her six-year-old son fills our hearts!

Me Ra and Brian, you two are amazing. Your work tells it all. I am so glad that I got to work with you. As I have been admiring your work since I saw your segments on the Disney channel. It’s like a dream come true. Thank you for everything. Wyatt has been saying that he loves the canvas on our walls every time he sees them, from the time he wakes up to when he comes home from school. Thank you! Thank you! Xoxo

The psychology of printing photos for your family. Me Ra Koh Portraits in Frisco, Texas

At Me Ra Koh Portraits, our Frisco portrait photography studio, we are aiming for your joy to multiply every day! I love how Wyatt, a six year old, says he loves the wall art of him and his mom! He is visually reminded of his value, sense of belonging, and his mom’s endless love for him. Imagine being visually surrounded by life-giving portraits that create joy and a deeper sense of belonging in your family?

What Psychologists Say

In an article called The Power of Photographs, wrote how “Peter Naish, senior lecturer in psychology at The Open University, carried out a study for Orange on the effects of photography on happiness. He found that while activities such as eating and drinking increased mood by 1 per cent, looking at photographs increased mood by 11 per cent.” Meaningful wall art increases joy in your home. Our family and clients have experienced this for almost twenty years.

Your Family is a Work of Art

Experience the new Frisco portrait photography studio by Me Ra Koh Portraits where capturing Fine Art of your family to display on your walls at home and office are the focus.

When Brian and I are speaking at an event, we love to share how we’ve been in marriage counseling for 22 years and married for 21 years. Growing a strong family is the most rewarding and toughest work you’ll ever do. But when we choose to work at what we care about most, we get to step back and see a work of art. Your family is a work of art.

Our new Frisco Portrait Photography Studio celebrates this truth. With each family, couple, graduating senior, and your fur babies, the photo shoot and wall art are going to reflect the spirit of you. And the spirit of you, your voice, purpose, relationships, and love are always worth celebrating.


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  1. Seeing your studio and the atmosphere you provide is extraordinarily inspiring to those of us who may feel the fear of getting ourselves out there like this. Please continue to inspire through fearless example.

  2. Me Ra Koh says:

    Thank you so much Nicholas! Your kind words mean a lot. Fear and doubt are definitely always there…wanting to intimidate me and the rest of us. But I do my best to keep them out of the driver’s seat. It’s the constant mission of a working artist. Right? 🙂
    Much warmth to you and your endeavors!