Walking with elephants and bathing them in Thailand. Portrait of the World Photography and Travel Workshops with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend.

Do you like elephants? Imagine walking with elephants and bathing them! The Adventure Family takes you to Thailand with fun questions for the whole family!

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Best Travel Camera Ever if you want something light, compact, yet awesome versatily and high quality. Check out this video review from Me Ra Koh in Thailand's jungle!

Sony Artisan, Me Ra Koh, takes the Sony RX10 III, Best Travel Camera, into Thailand’s jungle to photograph Gibbon apes, white sand beaches, limestone rocks, and more! Watch her Sony RX10III camera review from the field and see the shots she captures in the field! You’ll understand why she calls this the Best Travel Camera Ever! Camera […]

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This looks like the most amazing photography workshop tour in Thailand with Me Ra Koh! I have to go!!

After almost a decade of exploring the wonders of Thailand, we led our first photography workshop tour in Thailand!  Below are a handful of our favorites, but I’m really EXCITED to share some of the shots our group captured! So keep reading! For nine days, we shared our family’s favorite off-the-beaten path spots from floating […]

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floating bamboo huts Thailand

Adventure Family is packed up and headed deep into Thailand jungle to film over a dozen unforgettable episodes!    We’ve been warming the kids back up to the camera with some fun filming. I love these two shots of Blaze and our camera man coordinating their jump for filming. But today we put our heads […]

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When a boy turns ten all kinds of things change from long arms and legs to attitude. Advice for moms with tween boys.

When a boy turns ten, his whole world transforms. For starters, his physical body seems to change overnight.  His chubby arms, legs, and squeezable cheeks all slimmed down when I wasn’t looking.  And now I see a boy with a vision to become a man, lanky in shape, and growing so fast I can hardly […]

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I didn't expect my world to change with my daughter turning ten. Instead of a skip in her step, there is a sway in her hip. (Advice for Moms by Me Ra Koh)

I couldn’t help but notice there wasn’t a skip in your step. Instead, there was a sway in your hip. Turning ten has changed everything.

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