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Effectiveness vs Satisfied – Artist Living – Dallas Speaker & Author

If you enjoyed this week’s earlier post, 5 Ways to Engage Your Word for the Year, you’ll really like today’s post with two more ways. Even before choosing my word for the year, evaluating my priorities through the lens of Effectiveness vs Satisfied really surprised me this year. This new way to view activities is transformational. If you’re not doing a word for the year, I encourage you to keep reading and try this evaluation for yourself.

Finding ways to intentionally live with your word throughout the year is important and FUN! It helps us keep our word at the forefront of our thoughts, a strength to lean on when we’re struggling, and a focus when we feel dizzy. Effectiveness vs Satisfied is one of my new favorite ways to engage my word with intention! But first, here’s my word for 2021!

My Word for 2021 is…

SATISFIED. When I first told my family this on New Years, Pascaline’s eyebrows raised. I knew what she was thinking because I felt the same way about this word. What does a Type A personality have to do with a word like satisfied? It feels like the opposite of how I function. I am effective! I love going after big goals! Inspirational quotes about never giving up, never settling, never being satisfied, raced through my mind when the word first came to me.

Maybe that’s why I need this word.

Effectiveness vs Satisfied

I started working through those 5 ways to engage with your word that I shared yesterday. As I processed this word in my journal, I remembered something I read in 2020 about effectiveness vs satisfied. It was from David D Burns classic book, Feeling Good. He challenges the reader to list a number of activities you do in your personal and work life. Then you rate your effectiveness for each of these activities.

After you rate your effectiveness, you rate your level of satisfaction with each one. This blew my mind. I can struggle with perfectionism, trying to master something above and beyond necessary. On the other hand, the things I don’t give the same intense energy too, I often feel like I’m failing.

For example, one of activity I listed was making dinner. I rated my effectiveness around 60% because I often start making dinner late, have zero ideas of what to make, and just feel like Blaze deserves better. He jokingly agreed. LOL!

But here’s the CRAZY part! When I rated my satisfaction, how truly satisfied I feel about our dinners, it was 99%! I LOVE dinners with Brian and Blaze. We often talk for a hour about topics all across the board. It’s the most SATISFYING part of my day!

Isn’t that crazy?!

This new outlook changed everything!

I started rated everything I did on the effectiveness scale and satisfied scale. And here’s the kicker…a lot of the things I do with 99% effectiveness don’t leave me feeling even 75% satisfied. So why am I killing myself on being super effective when it’s not even something truly satisfying in the end?

Does this make sense? Does anyone relate? Anyone else struggle with effectiveness vs satisfied?

2 More Ways to Intentionally Engage Your Word for the Year

These two hands-on activities will bring your word to life in many ways. They take time so maybe set a goal for yourself to do one this month and the other next month.

$5 Icon (Activity #1)

I love to go shopping for a small icon that will remind me of my word. Julia Cameron inspired this idea in her wonderful book, The Artist’s Way. as well as Madeleine L’Engle in her book A Circle of Quiet.

Pick a time to go on a date with yourself. Your objective is to find an icon that will remind you of your word. Think of this icon as an object that you can set on your nightstand, bathroom counter, or desk. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of your word.

The only rule is that you can’t spend over $5. This makes it a treasure hunt that may not have any significance to anyone else, but it will be meaningful to you.

I have this little treasure.

a blog about effectiveness vs satisfied, self portrait of Me Ra Koh

It’s a heart that is full. Satisfied. It sits on my desk even now as I write this blog post.

Self Portrait Of Your Word (Activity #2)

Now with your word and camera in hand, consider what type of self portrait you could take to best embody this word. Some people like to take a portrait of a still object, but if you’re a photographer–I encourage you to get in front of the camera. That is always one of the best things you can do to improve your own photography by staying connected to how vulnerable it is to be photographed.

a blog about effectiveness vs satisfied, self portrait of Me Ra Koh

You can do this however you’d like. Whether you want to go all out and get your hair and makeup done and come to our studio for a special photo shoot. CLICK HERE to see Heather’s journey doing this with us. Or maybe you set your camera on a self timer.

In thinking about effectiveness vs satisfied, this is my portrait of satisfied. I’m sitting down at peace and my heart is full. My big goals are still alive and in front of me, but I’m okay sitting and resting too. I’m present. And being present with the ones I love is more satisfying then being above and beyond effective with my goal.

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