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Family Portraits Before Deployment

Me Ra Koh

Family Portraits Before Deployment – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

We were able to do these special family portraits before deployment. And not only was the photo shoot full of laughter and love, but our family also has a special connection to this beautiful mama. I want to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh

Fun Backstory to Knowing this Family…

Back in Seattle when the kids were little, my cousin, Gina, would help out with the kids. Well, Gina got inspired by all the photography and ended up going to photography school! She became a fantastic photographer! (I’m so proud of her!) But that left us with needing to find someone else to help watch the kids.

God brought us another Gina! With her husband in the military and often deployed, she was an angel that came just in the nick of time. Fast forward almost FIFTEEN years later, Gina is a mom and lives three hours away from us in Texas! Isn’t her son so handsome!

Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh, Co-Founder of FIORIA

Mom’s Favorite Thing

During one of my calls with Gina, I asked her what one of her favorite things is that Holden does–something only they share together. Ever since he was a baby, Holden has always loved to snuggle with her arm. He loves to grab her arm, rest his face on it, snuggle it, and rub his nose. And mama loves it!

I asked Gina what it would be like to capture that and I loved her honest answer. She couldn’t picture what the dynamic even looked like because she’s never seen it from the outside in. Part of her was a little nervous she may not like how it looks and risk ruining this special connection they share.

I had a feeling that if we created a space for Holden to go there with his mom…it would be a darling portrait to capture.

What do you think?

Boy Snuggles into Mom, Family Portraits Before Deployment Wall Art Display by Me Ra Koh, Co-Founder of FIORIA

Right Before Deployment

Dad was originally going to have a few weeks between the photo shoot and leaving, but at the last minute his timeline was moved up. Nicholas was literally going to be deployed oversees just a few days after the shoot.

Gina wanted their family portraits before deployment– a day to celebrate their sweet family. They drove three hours to our photography studio in Frisco. We got to spoil mom with having her hair and makeup professionally done. And then we got to spend the day laughing and sinking into their story.

I LOVE that little sweet smile on Holden’s face!

Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh, Co_founder of FIORIA

Just Like Dad

I had Holden stand next to his dad, curious to see what dad naturally brings out of him. Without any prompting, he jumped up tall. He wants to be just like dad!

Dad and his son, Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh

This next one is one of my favorites. Holden just loves his dad. They’re buddies. I wanted Holden to have something of just him and his dad being relaxed together–something he can look at when he’s missing dad.

Dad and his son, Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh

What Gets Them Through Deployments

During our Discovery Calls, I asked what helps them get through long deployments. Their sense of humor is everything. Laughter and love is core to Gina and Nicholas’s marriage. We talked about how powerful it would be to see that laughter every day in their home.

Their resilience lives in their laughter.

That’s the power of having wall art in your home that represents truths in your heart. Every time you see it, you’re reminded of your family’s resilience and love whether you’re close or far away. Whether it’s a good day or a really tough day. What you share and treasure most is always alive on your walls–speaking life over you and your family.

Family Portraits Before Deployment by Me Ra Koh

To capture these family portraits before deploying was everything. They live on in their wall art when dad is away.

Road Trip for the Install

Since Gina lives “somewhat” close to Texas A&M, Brian and Pascaline made a little side trip when he took her back to school. They got to deliver Gina’s wall art in person and install it throughout their home. Everything worked out so great, and it was such a honor to do it with Nicholas being deployed.

What Surprised Gina…

When Gina saw the wall art of her family installed and on beautiful display, she told Brian,

“I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel looking at myself, seeing myself every day on the walls. But now that these are up, I feel like I’m looking at a feeling.” While Nicholas is deployed, Gina decided to put this beautiful portrait of them in her home office where she sees him every day.

Family Portraits Before Deployment Wall Art Display by Me Ra Koh, Co-Founder of FIORIA
Family Portraits Before Deployment Wall Art Display by Me Ra Koh, Co-Founder of FIORIA

Sacred Sacrifice

Gina, after your wall art was installed, Pascaline said that she realized what a sacrifice the family back home makes when a parent is deployed. She had always thought of it the other way around. It is a sacred sacrifice that the whole family makes. We are so thankful for your family. What a gift to have this day with you! Thank you Nicholas for all that you’re doing! Your sacrifice is not lost on us.

Our family LOVES you, Gina! How special to give your family this experience. You were such a gift when my kids were Holden’s age. And now you’re a mom–an amazing mom! And you’re an incredible wife. Happy birthday beautiful friend! You are a treasure to us all!

We love our military families!

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