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Surprise for a Military Mom, Frisco Family Photographer

Me Ra Koh

We wanted to create a special surprise for a military mom. Watch her surprise video below!

Jacque’s husband is deployed to the Middle East.

Surprise for a Military Mom by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend.

She has two little ones and said she needs evidence on her walls that she is a good mom, doing a great job. No matter how tiring and long the days are, the wall art would speak truth to her spirit–giving her life and strength every day, all throughout the day. With her husband gone, no one is there to tell her what a great job she’s doing at the end of the day. But she believed the wall art would speak to her in his absence.

There aren’t words to describe what an honor it was for her to reach out to us. Her need is so real and tangible. Jacque’s story is so beautiful. Tyler, her husband and family’s sacrifice to our country is powerful. (Thank you with all our hearts.) We wanted to create a special surprise for a military mom.

Brian Found Tyler in the Middle East

Part of the process and experience we give families is taking time before the photo shoot to learn more about them through guided phone calls. Tyler, her husband, is deployed in the Middle East. However, Brian didn’t let that stop him. He was able to do a video conference with Tyler about what he loves most about Jacque. This is one of the most special calls we’ve ever done. See Jacque’s surprise video here.

I LOVE her green hair!

Even though we were working on a surprise for a military mom, Jacque surprised us when we opened the door to her green hair! THE BEST!

Above all, her energy is amazing.
The way she lets her kids be silly, creative, and undone is beautiful.
Jackie is such a strong woman in a hundred different ways. But I was also taken back by her gentle energy with the kids.

Sense of wonder. Surprise for a Military Mom by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend.

See her surprise video!

Watch her video here. See how gentle Jacque is with the kids. This moment above was captured on video. Her little girl wanted to call the shots and be under the piano bench. Even so, Jacque let it be and loved her in the most precious way. I love how we also captured the tattoo on Jacque’s foot! It reads “Because of you, I believe in angels.” And that is a darling angel under the piano bench.

We all need daily reminders…

…that we are doing a great job, whether our kids are little or teenagers. As moms, we love our kids with all our hearts. We hold nothing back, giving it all away. And sometimes, at night, we fall into bed exhausted and wonder “Am I doing a good job?”
Yes. You are. We all are.
To the beautiful Jacque, here’s evidence to prove it.

Surprise for a Military Mom by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend.

Her Choice

At the end of our photo shoot, the kids were playing and I took a few moments to capture Jacque alone. I’m inspired by the fact that she and her husband chose deployment even though Jacque knew it’d be more challenging raising two young children. This is an amazing couple.  Knowing the road ahead would not be easy, she chose to embrace it.

There is an aloneness that comes with it.

This isn’t loneliness, depression or hopelessness. Jacque is making a choice to walk forward alone. This time apart from Tyler will end. And she can endure anything for a little while.

Jacque is also intentional about taking care of herself. For instance, she does workouts in the living room during their nap time, journals, and told us she seeks adventure every day for her and her kids.  Taking them to a restaurant alone was their most recent adventure.  LOL!  Isn’t Jacque the most beautiful mom and woman?!

Military moms are made of a different strength. In other words, they are superheroes. I have the utmost respect for them. While we were creating this surprise for a military mom, I found these quotes on Pinterest that celebrated them so well!

Triumph, courage, and strength.

Self Portrait of a Military Mom by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend.

These are the attributes I wanted to honor in this portrait. And it is beautiful. When Jacque chose this portrait to be part of her wall art collection, I wanted to cry.  Brian and I had captured her season and honored it well.

You can see all her wall art in the video!

Jacque, we want you to always have the beautiful story of this season. The one you embrace every new day. This video, special surprise for a military mom, is for you. Above all, you are an AWE-mazing mom. We hope this blog post, video and portraits will find their way to Tyler and fill his heart with unexpected joy! Thank you for your incredible sacrifice and service!

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