photo tips of shooting silhouettes in Cambodia

Summer is a GREAT time to pull out your camera and try some new Photo Tips and Photo Exercises, how about putting your hand to Shooting Silhouettes!  But be prepared to get comfortable with dark images rather than bright ones. If you love taking photos, you may have been told at some point to look […]

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Windows are powerful, especially the ancient ones.  The window in Angkor Wat, Cambodia inspired my artist heart. Every window serves a purpose whether it’s in an ancient setting or our home. Windows let light and fresh air in.  They allow us to see outside of where we are.  Windows frame a specific setting.  They bring […]

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Fish Massage for Your Feet in Cambodia, Fun Family Travel Tips

One of the craziest things our family saw in Southeast Asia was the whole Fish Massage for your feet in Cambodia!  Imagine a big tank of water sitting in the middle of the street. Sometimes it’s not even a tank but the inflatable pool your kids had in the backyard last summer. Then hundreds of […]

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Seeing beyond the light when taking travel photos. Searching for story elements with Me Ra Koh in Angkor Wat Cambodia.

The constant Seattle downpours remind me of this very fact:  We don’t always have the fortune of breathtaking light.  When we do, we relish the precious, vibrant light of sunrise or sunset.  But when we don’t, we’ve got to be intentional about seeing beyond the light.  We’ve got to be on the lookout for stories […]

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How to Capture Drama in Your Travel Photos from Me Ra Koh in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Every photographer wants to raise the bar of drama in their photography.  This is one photo tip on how to capture drama in your travel photos.  But before I share my opinion, I want to start by asking for yours.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments today because there isn’t one right answer.  This […]

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Jungle Temple in Angkor Wat

We are home as of late last night.  I can’t tell you how good it is to be home, in my own bed, in my kitchen, with my mom bringing dinner over tonight.  Brian and I feel dead to the world from jet lag, but the kids act as if we just got back from […]

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