Make Your Own Hot Tub at Hot Water Beach Before the Tide Comes In! This is one of the best family activities to do in New Zealand, and it doesn't cost a dime! by Me Ra Koh and Adventure Family

Imagine making your own hot tub on the beach! RV living with kids in New Zealand takes us to Hot Water Beach for epic things to do in New Zealand! Discover the best beach where you can build your own hot tube! But you have to dig fast because the tide is only out for […]

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Reasons to Campervan New Zealand with the family from Me Ra Koh and her Adventure Family!

Our family took our biggest leap of faith yet. To campervan New Zealand is the first piece to our dream. We discovered 17 reasons to campervan New Zealand with the family! With one way tickets to Thailand to live in a jungle house, and then we get one way tickets to … still undecided. Still listening to […]

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Family-Friendly Activities in New Zealand from Me Ra Koh and Adventure Family. Start with visiting Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings!

Why take the kids half way across the world? How about 15 MUST DO family-friendly activities in New Zealand? What better way to convince you it’s worth the trip! If there was ever a country to explore as a family, it’s New Zealand. No language barrier. Amazing food (see our favorite burger place in the […]

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Time Lapse in New Zealand

Do you love to watch the clouds? If yes, we want to make sure you didn’t miss this!  Babble had web issues when we posted this, so if you didn’t see the post there, watch 1080 photos in 45 seconds of clouds in motion.  Make sure your volume is on!  Triple Scoop Music helped us […]

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unrealized dreams

Brian and I have been talking about it all week.  He and I both in utter shock.  I think we’ve had our head down, working on whatever it takes to get this dream off the ground.  When you have your head down, you find yourself in shock as you lift your chin and see the […]

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