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Make Your Own Hot Tub!

Me Ra Koh

Imagine making your own hot tub on the beach!

RV living with kids in New Zealand takes us to Hot Water Beach for epic things to do in New Zealand! Discover the best beach where you can build your own hot tube! But you have to dig fast because the tide is only out for so long! To make your own hot tub on the beach was one of the BEST Adventure Family activities ever! Talk about hands-on science for the kids!

Talking Points for the Family, Homeschool or Classroom

  • Would you like to make your own hot tub on the beach?
  • Why do we have to dig out a hot tube before the tide comes in?
  • How long do you think it would take to dig your own hot tube?
  • Where does the hot water come from?
  • Why do you think Pascaline says “Ouch!” in the episode?
  • For the parents, why do I want the tree in the shot with the kids?
  • What camera shooting mode will help you get the shot when you’re capturing fast action?

About the Talking Points

Before becoming a photographer, I taught high school and middle school English for seven years while I worked on my first book. I fashioned these talking point/questions for all ages. Some of the questions are easy for little ones, and some require more thought from older students. Our hope is that your family will enjoy watching the episode and have some fun talking points after–maybe some inspiration for your next family adventure!

Amazing Campsites!

Make Your Own Hot Tub at Hot Water Beach Before the Tide Comes In! This is one of the best family activities to do in New Zealand, and it doesn't cost a dime!  by Me Ra Koh and Adventure Family

The trees in this campsite were also AWE-mazing! Perfect for swings! People always talk about heading to the south island, but as you can see there is some wonderful places to explore on the north island too.

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