Photo Contests!

Winners Announced! The Gatherings Photo Contest!

Me Ra Koh

The long wait is FINALLY over!  I’ve received the winners for the Gatherings Photo Contest from the Nielsen Photo Group!

Let’s start with the kids!  For the last two contests we’ve had a Kid’s Clicks category, and I’m blown away at how talented kids are!

For the winning category photo, a nine-year old brother told his sister what to wear and how to pose for this photo.  He shot it himself and even did some photo editing ALL ON HIS OWN!  HE’S NINE!!  Would you say that the young man behind this photo masterpiece has a future in photography?!  Incredible!  Your parents must be proud, and I hope you keep taking pictures!!

Photos Kids Take

For the Humor Category, I love this winning moment that the judges chose!

Child at Science Fair

Photographer: Lynde and Sam Alvarez  (I know that name!!!  Congrats Lynde!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I love that you caught this with your smartphone!  The way you framed it is PERFECT!  We see just enough of his science project on top of the table but really get the sense of him hiding underneath.   And the choice to make it BW allows his emotions to pop that much more.  FANTASTIC!)

The parents added the following caption; 

After preparing his science fair presentation for weeks quite confidently, my son Sam buckled moments before the audience entered the room. He hid under his carefully designed presentation with his “fancy suit” as I quickly captured this on instagram. He eventually emerged okay with some assistance and held his own, but I think we have all been here…at 6 years old or 60!

The Babies/Children Category winner was also a hilarious moment!

Children in Museum, Dinosaurs

Photographer: Jennifer Stein  (another beautiful name I recognize!!!  Congrats Jennifer!!!  It’s so wonderful to see winners names that I know!  Even better!  This moment is FANTASTIC!  I love that the boys are completely inspired by the gathering of dinosaurs around them!  What a GREAT idea for the Gatherings theme!  We also see just enough of the dinosaurs in the background to give us the setting, but you did such a great job in framing this without any other distractions.  You ROCK girl!)

I love photos that show the story of multiple generations.  The People’s Choice Category winner did just that!  The title is “Anticipating Chemo.”
Caption:  Three generations gather. Grandpa is to start chemo therapy the next week.

Photographer: Kim Curran  (KIM!!!!  See, this is why I don’t want to be a judge for the contests!  If I had been a judge, you might think I’m just being nice since I know you and love you from our CONFIDENCE Workshop.  But girl, the PEOPLE chose your photo!!!  And well deserved!!!  I LOVE the slight camera tilt, the expression on EVERYONE’S faces and the color is WOW–so GORGEOUS!  You deserve to be celebrated girl!! Congrats!)

The Relationships Category winner brought tears to my eyes when I saw it and read the caption.

Photo by; Heather Hussey-Van Gaale, Photo Contest with Me Ra Koh and Nielsen Photo Group

Photographer: Heather Hussey-Van Gaale  (Heather, this is such an amazing moment you captured!  It’s simply perfect.  I LOVE the white background behind these two that draws all our attention to their relationship, their dynamic, their energy in this reunion.  The photo’s story is captured with brilliance.  This should be the cover of a magazine!  So inspired by your eye and thankful that you took a risk and entered the contest!  We are all better people for it now!)

Caption: Reunion portrait of a marine father and son upon returning from Iraq.

This last photo was also the GRAND PRIZE winner for the Gatherings Photo Contest!  Congrats a million times Heather!  You win the SONY a65 DSLR with DT 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Standard Zoom Lens, 24.3 MP Digital, Translucent Mirror Technology. Sony’s latest DSLR!  Be one of the FIRST to own it! (value: $999.99)!  You also win a spot in one of my upcoming CONFIDENCE workshops (value: $999) and round trip airline ticket from Southwest to get to a CONFIDENCE Workshop!  Plus a ton MORE!

There are still two more categories of winners to see;  the Jet Setters and Holiday Photo Categories!  CLICK HERE to see those and the list of all the winners!

Not only do the winners receive great prizes, like an autographed copy of my book Your Baby in Pictures (woot!  woot!)  but their photos will also be published in Rangefinder magazine this coming year!  To all the winners, your work deserves to be celebrated and shown!  I’m so excited for you to be published and know all the winning images will inspire many more to come!

A BIG thanks to everyone for the INCREDIBLE patience you had with the winners announcement being made.  Thanks to ALL the entries submitted!  And thank you to the panel of judges for your input and expertise!







  1. Michelle S says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!!! Your images are AMAZING!!!

  2. fantastic work! Love all of them!

  3. Judith I says:

    Cingrats everyone!!! What wonderful pictures!!!!

  4. Charisse says:

    Congratulations ladies! These images are wonderful!

  5. every time I see the military father and son it makes my heart smile!

  6. kim says:

    yippy! thanks Me Ra!

  7. Jennifer says:

    These are all gorgeous! Took me a little while though to get past the fact that my son won the kids contest! My heart is still beating fast! Thank you for creating the tools that got me 100% started in a fantastic career in photography! You are the best photographer, teacher, mom and person! An inspiration to me for sure! Btw…what did he win?

  8. Jennifer! Your son did AWE-mazing!!!! He won some serious dollars to Toys R Us!!! Check out the prizes here!

  9. Jess Robertson says:

    Congrats everyone!! Beautiful images! So inspiring 🙂