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A GI Joe Birthday Party and Scavenger Hunt!

Me Ra Koh

Meet the rough and tough GI Joe birthday party team, we are planning some special guest performances for the next party that it is going to be a little different!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt

Meet their Commander Chief!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt 2

Cobra likes to spoil birthdays, especially GI Joe birthdays! Shoot—that nasty Cobra!  It’s Blaze’s birthday, and he’s after a tank that is stuffed with riches!  The GI Joe team must work together and work fast to find the clues and solve the riddles before the tank is stolen!!


GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt 3

Riddle:  Climb in the back, Cobra knows where the water guns are stashed! Grab em before your hopes are SPLASHED!!!

Answer:  The back of Commander Chief’s CAR!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt 4

Riddle: Bring your water gun, this is just STARTING TO GET FUN!  Sing a Carroll, run to the soda cooler to find the next clue! But watch out for the Cobra’s men who are REALLY GOOD SHOOTERS!  (Before you say it, I know.  I can’t rhyme or bake.  But I’m okay with it. :))

Answer:  Mr. Carroll, the neighbor dad who lives on the other side of the hedge (behind our swing set) was COBRA—armed and ready on the deck to fight off any Joes that try to find the next riddle!  But they surrounded him on all sides.  He had no fighting chance.  🙂

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt 5

“Hit the Deck Joes!!”

Run to the street, hear the Commander Chief’s whistle BLOW!!! Hit the deck and give him five pushups each to get ahead!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt

I love the kid who has the broken arm (on the other side of Blaze with the shades on—staring Brian down!).  He jumped right into doing one armed push ups!  🙂  So awesome!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt

Don’t be fooled, Cobra hasn’t quit! Swing three times and make that HOME RUN HIT!

Birthday boy was up to bat!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt 7

And seriously, Blaze’s birthday party this weekend was the best time ever.  Yes, it is a total toss up between who had more fun: the GI JOE team or the Commander Chief.  It may even be a tie.  (Let’s just say Commander Chief was in HEAVEN!  :))

What more could you ask for with the great, warm weather!  But most of all, these two sweet kids, with their pilot, GI Joe, sunglasses!  Ooooh—I just love that little birthday Joe—hold on.  I’ve got to go find him right now and SQUEEZE HIM!

GI Joe Birthday Party/Scavenger Hunt

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!  Mama, Daddy and your sissy love you to pieces!


Me Ra

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  1. I love it!!!! I remember all the backyard birthday parties that we had for our two girls. Great imagination, energy and excitement captured! Sweet, Sweet Days!

  2. Chelsie says:

    I am soooo glad it turned out good! Also glad the scavenger hung idea worked!!!! Looks like they had so much fun!

  3. I love these kind of birthdays! So much better than Chuck E Cheese or Pump it Up! I am inspired to hold a GI Joe Bday next year for Ty’s #6 — and so is he. He wants “pin the cannon on the tank” 🙂

  4. Nickie says:

    What a great party!!!! Everyone looks liked they had wonderful time.

  5. Me Ra says:

    Thanks guys! So glad you loved it! We had an TOTAL blast!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This is what life is all about! 😀

  7. Christina says:

    Oh my gosh Me Ra & Brian, AWESOME!! The Commander could have a side job of doing parties 😉 LOVE it thanks for sharing

  8. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    this just in…y’all are officially the coolest parents ever. how FUN! time to start thinking about starting birthday party conferences… 🙂

  9. You gave me the biggest smile in days, laughing myself to tears. Thank you for sharing!

  10. jeramy says:

    fantastic! so glad you had a good time.

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