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Time Lapse of the Sunrise in Egypt

Me Ra Koh

This 29 second time lapse of the sunrise in Egypt is made of 523 photos!

As you grow in your photography, you want to always be deepening your awareness of the color and degree of light.  Before photography, you may have been aware of the sky’s beautiful color display at sunset.  But all throughout the day, the sunlight is changing in color.  That is one of the reasons why Brian and I filmed this time lapse of the sunrise in Egypt.  So you could see for yourself the amazing transition of color in the sunlight as it rises. 

As you watch the video, notice how the colors transform on the statues at Abu Simbel.  Notice how white and almost washed out the light becomes when it seems like it is at the brightest point.  This reminded me of how bright and washed out the light is around noon, causing us to squint while diluting the color of our skin tones and surroundings.  But at the very end of the sunrise, the statues become golden–magical golden.  The kind of golden that takes my breath away.

I can watch this video a hundred times. 

The transition of the color’s light takes my breath away.

How does this apply to you and your picture taking? 

To capture great photos, make sure you are scheduling your shooting time around light. Consider when the sunlight’s color is most beautiful, rich in color, vivid, most golden.  Sunrise or sunset are the best times. Sunset is more popular time to shoot unless you like getting the kids up at 3am for a photo shoot.  Nothing compares to that golden color that makes light magical. 

Between 11am-2pm, you’ll notice how the color of light is…

more white and stark–just like it is in this video before the sun rises at the end.  If you had a choice between light that is white, stark, washed out, diluting skin tones and color OR golden, magical, dynamic light that enriches all the color hues, what would you choose?

This shift in the color of light is happening all throughout the day.  See if you can notice the color of light changing, evolving, as you go through your day today.

For more details on the amazing history behind this must-see wonder, Abu Simbel Temple, visit Egypt Uncovered. This is a wonderful tour company that our family used for a month in Egypt. You’ll love them!

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