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Simplicity in Photos: August Blog Circle with Our Teachers

Me Ra Koh

This month’s photo blog circle is the theme of simplicity.  Consider, simplicity in photos.  The word alone quiets the noise in my mind, gives my creative spirit permission to exhale, encouraging me, beckoning me to return to the basics, the simplicity, the first love of capturing life.  And it comes in the most unexpected forms.

I had the privilege of experience simplicity in photos with 4th and 5th graders this summer.  My church did their annual VBS (vacation Bible camp), and they had tons of great hands-on workshops for the 200 kids to participate in.  Everything from Lego workshops

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

to sewing classes to Tae Kwan Do to Cooking to PHOTOGRAPHY!

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

Truth be told, I was a bit nervous about volunteering to teach this photography workshop because it was happening the same week that my book was due.  In theory, I had no time to spend three hours at the church every morning.  But the simplicity of breaking down photography for these kids, watching their passion for photos ignite, seeing them experiment and move out of their own creative comfort zones…

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

I was so blessed to witness it all.  Every day I would come home and feel that much more inspired to finish my book.

Pascaline has also turned an exciting corner this year where she is assisting me more and more–and enjoying being up front! (wonder where she gets that from :))

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

During the week, she was one of the main characters for the skits.  And she helped me do the whole photography workshop, taking small groups out for photo challenges.  And look out, if you were misbehaving…boy…she snapped you into shape real fast!  LOL!

One of my lessons was called “Help!  I’m Stuck in the Middle!”, and all we did that day was work on making sure our subject(s) weren’t in the middle but off centered.  It was a simple exercise, but the creativity it ignited in them was awesome!

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

I’m not sure how the other CONFIDENCE Teachers are going to express their idea of simplicity, but I am so excited to see!  They are all amazing women.  But before you go, I have a fun little photo challenge for you.

Your Photo Challenge:

Before September arrives, how can you experience simplicity with your camera?  What would the theme of simplicity look like through your creative eye?  What photos would you capture?

Make sure you share with me and my teachers on my FB page.  I always, ALWAYS love to see what photos you are inspired to take!

Me Ra Koh, photo theme of simplicity

Follow the blog circle by visiting our Las Vegas CONFIDENCE Teacher, Amy Rhodes, next!  See how she captures the theme of simplicity and then follow the circle to the next teacher!





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  2. Julie Watts says:

    OMGosh it looks like the kids all had so much fun! And how empowering for THEM to learn THAT YOUNG about photography; especially composition! 😛