NEW EGYPT Episode with Disney: How to Photograph Historic Monuments

Me Ra Koh

I’m excited to share our newest EGYPT episode with Disney; How to Photograph Historic Monuments!

We filmed this on our third day in Egypt.  Or I should say, BRIAN filmed this, did all the audio, as well as enlisted our Egyptologist and Camel Guides to help.  🙂 It was our first “family travel” mini-episode where the kids were involved with ideas, Brian was Directing, and we were just going for it!  We have already learned SO MUCH since this was shot, and I’m excited to keep sharing episodes with you!  But I love celebrating this video as our family’s beginning!

Photographing Your Kids with Monuments

It was an amazing experience.  There is no way we could have done this without Egypt Uncovered, our amazing tour company.  They helped us get to the pyramids twice, get private access to the back of the pyramids, translated for us with the camel guides, you name it…that tour company did it!  I know there has been crazy stuff in the news, but what the news reports is never the full story.  If you have always dreamed of going to Egypt… YOU MUST GO!  Take the kids and GO!  Hopefully things will calm down more with all that is happening there, but there was crazy photos in the news when we went and most of it was blown out of proportion.  It’s sad how the news can hurt a country’s economy by only showing drama and turmoil but not also the peace and joy.  Plus, Egypt Uncovered will take the BEST care of your family.  You will never regret or FORGET IT!  It is the perfect adventure for families with kids between 9-18 years old.

We are also so honored to have Disney do the editing for the video!  I still can’t believe the amazing partner we have in Disney.  Their support overwhelms me ALL the time. See more of my episodes on one of their many websites, like Disney Junior!

Many of you are advanced in your photography, so the basic tips will be reminders.  But I would still love to hear what you think!  And I would love for you to like it and then share it with all your friends who enjoy photography and travel as hobbies!  Your support means the world!

We featured the video on Disney’s parenting website, Babble, last week.  I shared it around a post I wrote called 7 Tips for Photographing Monuments with Kids.  Check that out because it has more tips and fun photos we’ve taken from the Washington monument in DC with my smartphone to Egypt to Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

Thank you again and again for all your support, as we continue to find our way through the TV industry.  What a journey we’ve been on, and yet I have this feeling we are only getting started!




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  1. So fun to finally share this video episode with you from our time in Egypt! Woo hoo!!! Pass it on to parents you know!! xoxo

  2. BreAnna says:


  3. Susan Burchard says:

    So excited for you and Brian!! Knowing the background of how you ended up in Egypt gives me goose bumps! I love that you guys listen to your spirit and follow where it leads you! Your courage to jump into new adventures has encouraged me to do the same (although in smaller ways! :)).
    So happy for you MeRa!!

  4. Me Ra Koh says:

    Thanks for all the support and kind words ladies!!! We had so much fun doing this first video, and we can’t wait to show you more!