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First Year: When Baby Meets Family

Jennifer Tacbas

Jen here with another First Year post!

Last week, Logan and I flew to Ohio for a family-focused trip.  I was so excited for Logan to see my mom again, as she hadn’t seen her since she was 6 weeks old.  What was just as exciting was introducing Logan to the rest of my family, who up until last week, had only seen her through our FaceTime chats and photos!

My sister, Monica, picked us up at the airport with her adorable daughter, Gina, in tow…and the tears began to flow!  Monica and I saw each other nine months ago when the two of us were VERY pregnant.  Now here we were with babies!  (Thanks for snapping this photo, Mom!)


It was so great to finally meet Gina, who is only 3 weeks older than Logan.  (I swear, we did not plan that out!)  We got my luggage and headed to the car.  Packing up the babies, the diaper bags, the luggage, the stroller…it was a little foreshadowing of what our week was going to be like.  Traveling with one baby is crazy enough, but traveling around town with TWO?!  We got a taste of what living with twins could feel like!

And speaking of twins…


We just couldn’t help ourselves! They were in matching outfits four out of seven days.  We will hear about that when they’re older, I’m sure!

Logan and I stayed at Monica’s house, and so many people came to visit with us.  Logan was able to spend time with her great-grandma, and it was really something special to have my mom join us on the couch – four generations sitting together! (There’s a picture on someone’s camera somewhere…I’ll share it soon!)  Monica hosted a big cookout one night, and we got the chance to enjoy some good food and great company.  It was fun watching Logan be passed around and spend time with so many people who love her!


When we weren’t hanging out at home, we were out and about doing things I love and miss about Ohio.  We spent some time at a huge farmer’s market, where Logan loved looking around at all the people and the bright colored fruits and veggies.  We took a trip to the zoo, where Logan intently watched the grizzly bear cubs wrestling in the water and the graceful jellyfish swimming in the aquarium.  And I made sure she had plenty of time to squish her little toes in the thick green grass…something you can’t do where we live in Georgia because of those pesky fire ants!


Whether we were out and about or just hanging around the house, the best part of our trip, by far, was watching Logan be surrounded by so much love and joy from her family.  She was so happy connecting with all of them, and my heart was simply overjoyed seeing how content she was.  Logan is one lucky little lady, that’s for sure.


At the end of the week, we were sad to leave our family in Ohio, but we were quite exhausted and ready to be back in our own home with Jason and the pups.  Thank you for being a great host, Ohio.  We look forward to seeing you – and the people we love – again soon.


When baby meets family is a special moment you don’t want to forget.  Logan touched each of my family member’s faces so sweetly, as if to say it was nice to finally see them in person.  I would love to hear about the memories you have of your baby meeting his or her family for the first time.  What about their meeting grabbed your heart?  Leave me a comment below.

Meet me here next Monday to check out the images I captured of Logan’s insane flexibility using one of Me Ra’s photo recipes!

First Year Cheers!