Exploring the pyramids as a family is one of the most epic adventures you can take. Learn our best tips on when to go, where to take photos, and how to explore the inside of the pyramid.

Exploring the pyramids as a family has always been a travel bucket list! I think the kids really got excited about the pyramids from reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riorden. I highly suggest this book as a way to engage your kids in Egyptology and all the other great history they’re going to learn […]

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We spent three days unplugging and taking an amazing adventure. This is my photo essay of sailing Egypt's Nile River with our kids.

On January 24th, somewhere between Aswan and Luxor, Egypt, I wrote in my journal; “We have made it to the Felucca sailboat.  It slips slowly down the Nile’s black, evening waters, almost not moving.  The sun has set, and the silhouette of the palm trees outline the banks of the river.  One of our three […]

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Tension in Egypt

We have been in Egypt for only four days, and my heart and mind are full. I feel the tension in Egypt. Or is the tension in me because I’m in an unfamiliar place? Among dusty roads, crowded open markets, camels walking alongside the stalled traffic, there is a people that is foreign to me […]

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best way to pack your camera bag for travel

Best Way to Pack Your Camera Bag for Travel – Gear We Use – Me Ra Koh Yes, this post is titled “The Best Way to Pack Your Camera Bag for Travel”.  Why?  Simple. Brian is behind this post.  And in Brian’s mind (I simply don’t fight it anymore), there is only one way to […]

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Four Egypt Photos at the American Museum of Natural History

It is a honor to have four Egypt photos at The American Museum of Natural History!  When I first got the word from Sony that my Egypt photos would hang in the Natural History Museum, I about fell off my chair.  Last Thursday night, that honor became a reality!  Here is a sneak peak video […]

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family travel show, Egypt

This week Brian and I do our first mock presentation of the family travel show, so mentor and friend, Jeff Jochum can tear it apart.  🙂  I say that last bit tongue-in-cheek because Jeff is simply amazing at finding all the holes and weaknesses to make your proposal that much stronger, and yet it can […]

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